Psalms and Prayers

Papers Read at the Joint Meeting of the Society for Old Testament Study and Het Oud Testamentisch Werkgezelschap in Nederland en België, Apeldoorn August 2006


The essays in this volume focus on the interpretation of the Book of Psalms and comparable texts in the Hebrew Bible. A variety of methods is applied to the ancient texts. Some essays concentrate on composition and structure, others on redaction and context. It is of great interest to see that each approach has its strength and its limits: stressing the importance to read the Psalms with a multi-dimensional matrix of methods. By viewing the Psalms as prayers, and thus as expressions of both faith and despair, a perspective on the contents of the ancient hymns and their functions in daily life has been opened. This volume contains various incentives for future research.
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Biographical Note

Bob Becking, Ph.D. (1985) in Theology, Utrecht University, is chair of the department of Old Testament Study at Utrecht University. He is the author The Fall of Samaria (Brill, 1992); Between Fear and Freedom: Essays on the Interpretation of Jeremiah 30-31 (Brill, 2004). He acted as co-editor of the Dictionary of Deities and Demons in the Bible (Brill, 1995). With his Utrecht colleagues he published: Only One God? (the Biblical Seminar 77), 2001.
Eric Peels, Ph.D. (1992) in Theology, Apeldoorn Theological University. He is professor of Old Testament Studies at Apeldoorn Theological University and Research Associate of the Department of Old Testament Studies, University of the Free State, South Africa. He is the author of The Vengeance of God (Brill, 1995); Shadow Sides: God in the Old Testament (Paternoster, 2003).


All those interested in the Hebrew Bible and its interpratation.


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