The Kabbalistic Scholars of the Antwerp Polyglot Bible


This work places the Syriac New Testament in the Antwerp Polyglot within a new appreciation of sixteenth century Catholic Syriac and Oriental scholarship. The Spanish antecedents of the Polyglot and the role of Montano in its production are evaluated before the focus is turned upon the Northern Scholars who prepared the Syriac edition. Their motivation is shown, particularly in the case of Guillaume Postel, to derive from both Christian kabbalah and an insistent eschatological timetable. The principles of Christian kabbalah found in the Polyglot are then shown to be characteristic also of Guy Lefevre de la Boderie's 1584 Paris edition of the Syriac New Testament dedicated to Henri III. This work completes the account of sixteenth century Syriac bibles begun in the companion volume Orientalism, Aramaic and Kabbalah in the Catholic Reformation which also appears with Brill.

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Robert J. Wilkinson, PhD (2003) in History, University of the West of England, read Oriental Studies at Cambridge. He is Research Fellow at Wesley College, Bristol. His Orientalism, Aramaic and Kabbalah in the Catholic Reformation (Brill) is appearing as a companion volume to this.

1. The Spanish Tradition: The Notion of a Polyglot
2. The Spanish Tradition: Hebrew Studies and Kabbalistic Influence
3. The Northern Scholars: Asius
4. The Northern Scholars: The Role of Postel in the Antwerp Polyglot
5. The Northern Scholars: Guy Lefèvre de la Boderie
6. The Northern Scholars: Plantin and the Antwerp Project
7. The Polyglot: The Syriac New Testament and Associated Kabbalistic Material
8. The Polyglot: The Censura
9. The 1584 Paris Syriac New Testament
10. Finale

All those interested in Renaissance intellectual history, religious studies, biblical reception, orientalism, Christian kabbalah, textual studies and oriental philology, theologians, historians of the book and Syriasts.