The Right of the Child to Religious Freedom in International Law


The child’s right to religious freedom in international law has never been considered in a comprehensive fashion, yet key issues include the prevention of indoctrination, religious clothing, the relationship of the child with parents and religious communities, and the duties of the state to the child. Building on a sociological analysis of religious children, a body of international legal materials is analysed against a theoretical model of what the child’s right ought to be. This book is the first attempt at analysing what international law says on the question, the result is a compelling analysis of the definitive position of international law on the child’s right to religious freedom.
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Biographical Note

Sylvie Langlaude, PhD (Bristol, 2006) is a lecturer at the School of Law, University of East London. She has published in the area of human rights and religious freedom.

Review Quotes

“This book is an extremely well researched and thorough examination of all the major European and United Nations case law and conventions that touch on or deal directly with the book’s topic… It is refreshing to find an author who has the confidence to critique, with some fervour, the current approach to this ever more relevant right [of a child to religious freedom] and argue for a comprehensive approach that promotes an understanding of the individuality of the child. Certainly, her assessment of some of the decisions of the various commissions determining the scope of the right of a child to religious freedom is unflinching in its criticism.” (Ecclesiastical Law Journal, 2010)

Table of contents

Abbreviations; Primary sources; Tables of cases; Foreword; Preface; Acknowledgements; Part I Theoretical Model: Chapter 1 Religious Children; Chapter 2 A Model of the Right of the Child to Religious Freedom; Part II International Law: Chapter 3 The ICCPR ; Chapter 4 The UNCRC; Chapter 5 The Special Rapporteur; Chapter 6 The ECHR; Chapter 7 Concluding Chapter; Selected bibliography; Index.


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