Consumption and Wealth in Luke's Travel Narrative


It is suggested that because persons with access to a large surplus too often elect to spend extravagantly on their own desires and existing means of redistribution such as almsgiving and beneficence were failing to offer any lasting changes that might truly be received as "good news" by the poor, Jesus advocates eliminating personal wealth.
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Biographical Note

James A. Metzger, Ph.D. Religion, Vanderbilt University, is Visiting Assistant Professor of Religion at Luther College in Decorah, IA (USA)

Table of contents

A. Wealth and Possessions in the Gospel of Luke: A History of Interpretation
1. Salvation without Renunciation
2. Be Generous!
B. Reconsidering Luke’s Discourse on Wealth and Possessions
1. The Nature of Parabolic Discourse in Luke
2. Jesus’ Announcement in Nazareth as Programmatic for Reading the Parables
3. Delineating the Methodological Approach: Reader-Response Criticism, Narrative Criticism/Narratology, and Intertextuality
4. Delineating the Reader-Position
5. Procedure

A. The Parable of the Wealthy Landowner (12:16-21)
1. Exploring the Pre-text: Impressions of Jesus’ Teaching on Wealth and Possessions in 9:51-12:12
2. Reading the Parable: 12:16-21
3. Summary
B. The Parable of the Father and his Two Sons (15:11-32)
1. Impressions of Jesus’ Teaching on Wealth and Possessions in 12:22-15:10
2. Reading the Parable: 15:11-32
3. Summary

A. The Parable of the Unjust Steward (Luke 16:1-13)
1. Reading the Parable: 16:1-13
2. Summary
B. The Parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus (16:19-31)
1. Exploring the Pre-Text: 16:14-18
2. Reading the Parable: 16:19-31
3. Summary

A. Jesus’ Encounter with the Rich Ruler
1. Exploring the Pre-text: 17:1-18:17
2. Reading Jesus’ Encounter with the Ruler: 18:18-23
3. Exploring the Post-text: 18:24-30
4. Summary
B. Jesus’ Encounter with Zacchaeus
1. Exploring the Pre-text: 18:31-43
2. Reading Jesus’ Encounter with Zacchaeus: 19:1-10
3. Summary

A. Retracing our Steps: A Brief Synopsis of the Journey
B. Implications
C. A Rejoinder



Biblical Studies, specialists in Lukan Studies, Synoptic Studies, Jesus' Parables, Wealth and Poverty Discourse in the Biblical Writings, Biblical Interpretation (Reading Method and Theory)


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