Petrarch and the Textual Origins of Interpretation


This volume addresses one of the most far-reaching aspects of Petrarch research and interpretation: the essential interplay between Petrarch’s texts and their material preparation and reception. The essays look at various facets of the interaction between Petrarchan philology and hermeneutics, working from the premise that in Petrarch’s work philological issues are so authorially driven that we cannot in fact read or interpret him without understanding the relevant philological issues and reapplying them in our critical approach to his works. To read and interpret Petrarch we must come to grips with the fundamentals of Petrarchan philology. This volume aims to show how a Petrarchan hermeneutics must be based on an understanding of Petrarchan philology.

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Teodolinda Barolini, Ph.D. (1978) Columbia University, is Lorenzo Da Ponte Professor of Italian at Columbia University and the author of Dante’s Poets (Princeton, 1984), The Undivine Comedy (Princeton, 1992) and Dante and the Origins of Italian Literary Culture (Fordham, 2006).
H. Wayne Storey, Ph.D. (1983) Columbia University, is Professor of Italian at Indiana University and Editor-in-Chief of Textual Cultures. His studies of Petrarch include Transcription and Visual Poetics (Garland, 1993), “Voce e grafia nei Triumphi”, and his essays in the 2003-2004 facsimile edition of the Rerum vulgarium fragmenta (Antenore).


All those interested in Petrarch, the development of the lyric sequence, the development of the epistolary collection, medieval/Renaissance studies, Italian literature, the juncture of philology and hermeneutics, manuscript culture, and intellectual history.

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