Augustine beyond the Book

Intermediality, Transmediality and Reception

Volume Editor: Karla Pollmann
Augustine of Hippo (354-430) is arguably the most influential thinker and Latin author of the Early Christian period. His widespread legacy has been explored to date only in part, and largely with respect to his textual reception. This interdisciplinary volume attempts to redress this emphasis with a set of analyses of Augustine's impact in the visual arts, drama, devotional practices, music, the science-faith debate and psychotherapy. The included studies trace intricate and occasionally surprising instances of Augustine's ubiquitous presence in intellectual, spiritual and artistic terms. The result is a far more differentiated and dynamic picture of the mechanisms by which the legacy of an historical figure may be perpetuated, including the sometimes supra-rational and imaginative dimensions of transmission.

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Karla Pollmann, Ph.D. (1990) in Classics, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, is Professor of Classics at St Andrews University. She has published extensively in the fields of literature and culture of the Roman Empire, including a commentary on Statius, Thebaid 12 (Schöningh, 2004), and a co-edited volume on Poetry and Exegesis (Brill, 2007).

Meredith J. Gill, Ph.D. (1992) in Art History, Princeton University, is Associate Professor of Italian Renaissance Art at the University of Maryland. She has published in the areas of cross-cultural patronage and the arts and spirituality, including Augustine in the Italian Renaissance (CUP, 2005).
Introduction (Karla Pollmann, Meredith J. Gill)

Visualizations of Augustine
Karla Pollmann (St Andrews), Art and Authority: Three Paradigmatic Visualizations of Augustine of Hippo
Vladimir Cvetkovic (Århus/Niš), The Reception of Augustine in Orthodox Iconography
Meredith J. Gill (University of Maryland), Reformations: The Painted Interiors of Augustine and Jerome

Dramatizing Augustine on Stage
Dorothea Weber (Salzburg/Vienna), Augustine and Drama
Goran Proot (Leuven), Augustine on Stage in the Southern Low Countries in the Early Modern Period

Augustine in Confessionalized Contexts of Spirituality and Devotion
Carolyn Muessig (Bristol), Images and Themes Related to Augustine in Late Medieval Sermons
Julia Staykova (The Huntington Library), Pseudo-Augustine and Religious Controversy in Early Modern England
Feike Dietz (Utrecht), Under the Cover of Augustine: Augustinian Spirituality and Catholic Emblems in the Seventeenth-century Dutch Republic
John Exalto (VU Amsterdam), Orating from the Pulpit: The Dutch Augustine and the Reformed Godly until 1700

Eyolf Østrem (Copenhagen), The Renaissance Reception of Augustine’s Writings on Music
Sabine Lichtenstein (University of Amsterdam), A Musical Relecture of Augustine’s Conversion: La Conversione di Sant’Agostino by Maria Antonia Walpurgis and Johann Adolf Hasse
Nils Holger Petersen (Copenhagen), St. Augustine in Twentieth-century Music

Augustine beyond Himself
Pablo de Felipe (Madrid), The Antipodeans and Science-Faith Relations: The Rise, Fall, and Vindication of Augustine
Alexandra Pârvan (Piteşti/St Andrews), Beyond the Books of Augustine into Modern Psychotherapy

Notes on Contributors
All those interested in intellectual history; the historical reception of Late Antiquity; the fine arts; church history, as well as classicists, theologians, early modern historians, theater historians, and musicologists.