Philological and Historical Commentary on Ammianus Marcellinus XXVI


Book 26 of Ammianus' Res Gestae is the first of the hexad which deals with the rule of the emperors Valentinian and Valens (364-378). In the first five chapters Ammianus describes the election of Valentinian, who appointed his brother Valens as his co-ruler, and subsequently divided the empire into an eastern and a western part. The next chapters deal with the revolt of Procopius. They offer the most detailed account of a coup d' état in Roman historiography. The memory of Julian, whose death was the central theme of the preceding book, is still very much alive. None of the three protagonists of Book 26 was remotely his equal. His loss meant a turn for the worse in the history of Rome.
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Biographical Note

Jan den Boeft, Ph.D. (1970) in Latin, Leiden University, is emeritus Professor of Latin at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam and of Hellenistic Religions at Utrecht University. He has published on i.a. Ambrose, Augustine and Erasmus.

Jan Willem Drijvers, Ph.D. (1989) in History, University of Groningen, is Lecturer in Ancient History at the University of Groningen. He is author of i.a. Cyril of Jerusalem: Bishop and City (Leiden, 2004).
Daniël den Hengst, Ph.D. (1981) in Latin, University of Amsterdam, is emeritus Professor of Latin at the University of Amsterdam. He has published on Late Antique Historiography.
Hans Teitler, Ph.D. (1983) in Ancient History, Utrecht University, was formerly Senior Lecturer in Ancient History at Utrecht University. He is the author of Notarii and Exceptores (Amsterdam, 1985).


All those interested in the history and literature of Late Antiquity, source criticism, literary aspects and historiographical method of Ammianus Marcellinus.


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