The Other Lands of Israel

Imaginations of the Land in 2 Baruch


According to the current scholarly consensus, the apocalypse of 2 Baruch, written after the Fall of Jerusalem, either rejected the concept of the Land of Israel as a place of salvation or regarded it as of minor importance. Inspired by the perspective of Critical Spatial Theory, this book discusses the presuppositions behind this consensus with regard to the spatial epistemology it assumes, and explores the conception of the Land as a broad redemptive category. The result is a fresh portrait of the vitality of the Land-theme in the first centuries of the common era and a new perspective on the spatial imagination of 2 Baruch.
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Biographical Note

Liv Ingeborg Lied, (2007) in the History of Religions, University of Bergen, Norway, is currently Researcher at the Faculty of Theology, University of Oslo.

Review Quotes

... the book is well written, vigourously argued, and meticulously documented. L. has made an important contribution to the study of 2 Baruch and related literature.
J. Edward Wright, University of Arizona

...The Other Lands of Israel offers an innovative and convincing analysis of 2 Baruch.
Shayna Sheinfeld, McGill University


All those interested in the history of religions in Late Antiquity, the history of Judaism and early Christianity, as well as theologians and Syriasts.


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