The Italian Yearbook of International Law, Volume 16 (2006)


The Italian Yearbook of International Law aims at making accessible to the English speaking public the Italian contribution to the practice and literature of international law. Volume XVI (2006) is organised in three main sections. The first contains doctrinal contributions including articles on the 2006 conflict in Lebanon, on the historical contribution of Francisco Suárez to the concept of international community, and on recent developments in the field of international environmental law. This section includes also shorter notes on current developments in the field of minority protection, State immunity in relation to Argentine bonds claims, as well as the surveys of the practice of ICJ, ITLOS, ILC, WTO and the European Court of Human Rights. The second section covers the Italian practice in the areas of i) judicial decisions; ii) diplomatic and parliamentary practice; iii) treaty practice; and iv) national legislation. The third section contains a systematic bibliographical index of Italian literature in the field of international law and reviews of recent books. The volume ends with an analytical index for ready consultation that includes the main judicial cases and legal instruments cited throughout the Yearbook.

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Benedetto Conforti, University of Napoli “Federico II”
Luigi Ferrari Bravo, University of Roma “La Sapienza”
Francesco Francioni, European University Institute, Florence (General Editor)
Natalino Ronzitti, LUISS Guido Carli University, Rome
Giorgio Sacerdoti, Bocconi University, Milan
Riccardo Pavoni, University of Siena (Associate Editor)

Pia Acconci, University of Teramo
Giuseppe Cataldi University of Napoli “L’Orientale”
Pietro Gargiulo, University of Teramo
Andrea Gioia, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia
Massimo Iovane, University of Napoli “Federico II”
Marina Mancini, Mediterranean University of Reggio Calabria
Giuseppe Nesi, University of Trento
ARTICLES; The 2006 Conflict in Lebanon and International Law, Natalino Ronzitti;

Who Was Calling Whose Shots? – Hezbollah and Lebanon in the 2006 Armed Conflict with Israel, Carsten Hoppe; Customary Foundations of Jus Gentium in Francisco Suárez’s Thought and the Concept of International Community in Contemporary International Law, Carlo Focarelli; The Nature of the Convention on Biological Diversity and Its Application of Components of the Concept of Sustainable Development, Veit Koester; The Non-Compliance Procedure of the Aarhus Convention: Between Environmental and Human Rights Control Mechanisms, Cesare Pitea; The Rule of Prior Exhaustion of Local Remedies in the Context of Human Rights Protection, Silvia D’Ascoli and Kathrin Maria Scherr; Monetary Regionalism: A Challenge to the IMF, Annamaria Viterbo;

NOTES AND COMMENTS; The Right to Linguistic Identity and the Census in the Province of Bolzano: A Reply to Hilpold, Sergio Bartole; State Immunity and the Protection of Private Investors: The Argentine Bonds Case before Italian Courts, Beatrice I. Bonafè; Yugoslavia Dissolution before the ICJ: The Need for a New Approach to State Succession, Paola Puoti;

The Activity of the International Court of Justice in 2006, Paolo Palchetti; The International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea and other Law of the Sea Jurisdictions (2006), Tullio Treves; The Activity of the International Law Commission during Its 58th Session (2006),

Massimo Iovane; The Activity of the World Trade Organization (2006), Federico Lenzerini and Massimiliano Montini; Review of Judgments and Decisions Delivered in 2005 and 2006 by the European Court of Human Rights on Subjects Relevant to International Law,

Simona Granata

ITALIAN PRACTICE RELATING TO INTERNATIONAL LAW; Judicial Decisions, (edited by Giuseppe Cataldi and Massimo Iovane); Diplomatic and Parliamentary Practice, (edited by Lara Appicciafuoco, Pietro Gargiulo, Giuseppe Nesi, Marco Pertile and Valeria Santori);

Agreements to Which Italy Is a Party, (edited by Federico Casolari and Marina Mancini);

Legislation, (edited by Pia Acconci, with the co-operation of Chiara Battistini, Martina Guidi, Federico Lenzerini, Massimiliano Montini and Gianluca Rubagotti);

BIBLIOGRAPHIES; Italian Bibliographical Index of International Law 2006, (edited by Giulio Bartolini and Alessandro Chechi);

REVIEW OF BOOKS; Benedetto Conforti, Diritto internazionale, 7th ed., Napoli, Editoriale Scientifica, 2006 ( Bruno Simma); Tullio Treves, Diritto internazionale. Problemi fondamentali, Milano, Giuffré, 2005 ( Monique Sasson); Philip Alston (ed.), Non-State Actors and Human Rights ,Oxford University Press, Oxford et al., 2005 – Andrew Clapham, Human Rights Obligations of Non-State Actors, Oxford University Press, Oxford et al., 2006 (Massimo Iovane); Paul Tavernier (ed.),Recueil juridique des droits de l’homme en Afrique, Vol. II (2000-2004), Collection du Centre de Recherches sur les droits de l’homme et le droit humanitaire, Bruxelles, Bruylant, 2005 (Massimo Iovane); Tal Becker, Terrorism and the State. Rethinking the Rules of State Responsibility, Hart Publishing, Oxford and Portland, Oregon, 2006 (Raffaella Nigro);