East and West of Zagros

Travel, War and Politics in Persia and Iraq, 1913-1921


Author: Edmonds
Editor: Yann Richard
C.J. Edmonds published articles in orientalist journals and co-authored with Taufiq Wahby A Kurdish-English dictionary (Oxford, 1966). He published his memoirs of Iraq, Kurds, Turks, and Arabs : politics, travel and research in North-Eastern Iraq, 1919-1925 (London - New York, 1957), but his Persian memoirs remained unpublished. It tells how, after studying oriental languages in Cambridge, he became Consular Officer in Bushire, participated in British campaigns in Mesopotamia during First World War. As a Political Officer in Luristan Edmonds was in charge of the oil fields’ security and was sent to Northern Persia after the war, a direct witness of the Jangal upheaval and the 1921 coup d’Etat.

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Major C.J. Edmonds (1889-1979) studied Arabic, Turkish and Persian in Cambridge and entered the British consular service. After important posts in Persia and Iraq, he became lecturer for Kurdish at SOAS (London) 1951-57.
Yann Richard (Docteur dès-Lettres, 1992) studied Persian in 1970 in Tehran, then in Tübingen (Germany) and Paris. He was firstly interested in philosophy and literature. After the revolution, he published on modern Shi’ism and history of modern Iran. He is professor of Iranian studies at the Sorbonne nouvelle (Paris).
All readers of travellogues and Modern Persia and British military activities in Persia and Iraq during the First World War and its aftermath.