Retellings — The Bible in Literature, Music, Art and Film

Reprinted from Biblical Interpretation Volume 15,4-5 (ISBN 9789004165724)

Editor: J.Cheryl Exum
In recent years biblical scholars and students have become increasingly interested in studying retellings of biblical stories in the arts, not only for their relation to the biblical text but also for the ‘story’ they have to tell (or, if they are not strictly ‘retellings’, for the light they might shed on the biblical text). The eight lively contributions to this volume illustrate a range of exciting approaches to retellings of the Bible in literature, music, art and film and reveal something of the scope of this fascinating and rapidly expanding area of inquiry.
The present collection of essays appears concurrently in a special issue of the journal Biblical Interpretation. Since it was founded in 1993, Biblical Interpretation has played a key role in fostering the publication of articles in the newly developing area of the reception history of the Bible in the arts.

(Originally published as issue 4-5 of Volume 15 (2007) of Brill's journal Biblical Interpretation)

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J. Cheryl Exum is Professor of Biblical Studies at the University of Sheffield and Executive Editor of Biblical Interpretation. She is the author of numerous books and articles on the Hebrew Bible, most recently Song of Songs, A Commentary.
PART ONE The Bible in Literature

Francis Landy
Noah’s Ark and Mrs. Monkey

Mikael Sjöberg
Jephthah’s Daughter as Object of Desire or Feminist Icon

Anthony Swindell
Latecomers: Four Novelists Rewrite the Bible

PART TWO The Bible in Music

Peter McGrail
Eroticism, Death and Redemption: The Operatic Construct of the Biblical “Femme fatale”

Helen Leneman
Re-visioning a Biblical Story through Libretto and Music: “Debora e Jaele” by Ildebrando Pizzetti

Andrew Davies
Oratorio as Exegesis: The Use of the Book of Isaiah in Handel’s Messiah

PART THREE The Bible in Art and Film

Martin O'Kane
‘The Bosom of Abraham’ (Luke 16:22): Father Abraham in the Visual Imagination

Eric S. Christianson
The Big Sleep: Strategic Ambiguity in Judges 4-5 and in Classic Film Noir
All those interested in the reception history of the Bible in literature, music, art and film