The International Ombudsman Yearbook, Volume 9 (2005)


The International Ombudsman Yearbook is the only publication devoted to ombudsman issues. The public sector ombudsman is now found at all levels of government in many countries around the world, both in established and consolidating democracies. The ombudsman is an independent office, traditionally appointed by the legislative branch, to investigate poor administration of government. More recently, some ombudsman offices have been given human rights protection responsibilities. The International Ombudsman Yearbook contains articles written from legal or public administration perspectives which address issues of interest to the contemporary ombudsman and all persons with an interest in the institution. Compiled and edited by the International Ombudsman Institute, the organisation composed of over 130 ombudsman members located worldwide, the Yearbook will be of interest to lawyers, scholars, ombudsman office personnel, and government entities wherever ombudsman offices are located or contemplated.
The International Ombudsman Institute is a non-profit organisation whose objects include promotion of the concept of ombudsmanship, encouragement and support of research in the ombudsman field, development of educational programmes associated with ombudsmanship conferences, and provision of a resource centre for storage and dissemination of information about the ombudsman institution.

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Foreword; The Ombudsman and Client Satisfaction: Observations on the Relationship Between Jurisdiction, Outcome, and Satisfaction Frank Fowlie; L’Ombudsman: Proposition de Définition Rhita Bousta; The Ombudsman: Proposal for a Definition Rhita Bousta; Derechos Humanos y la Migración en México: Algunas Experiencias de la Comisión Nacional de los Derechos Humanos José Luis Soberanes Fernández; Human Rights and Migration in Mexico: Some Experiences of the National Commission of Human Rights José Luis Soberanes Fernández; Ombudsman Bibliography Heather Grab and Linda C. Reif; Contributors and Titles to The Ombudsman Journal and The InternationalOmbudsman Yearbook 1981-2005.