Visual Culture and Indigenous Agency in the Early Americas


Volume Editor: Alessia Frassani
This volume explores how visual arts functioned in the indigenous pre- and post-conquest New World as vehicles of social, religious, and political identity. Twelve scholars in the field of visual arts examine indigenous artistic expressions in the American continent from the pre-Hispanic age to the present. The contributions offer new interpretations of materials, objects, and techniques based on a critical analysis of historical and iconographic sources and argue that indigenous agency in the continent has been primarily conceived and expressed in visual forms in spite of the textual epistemology imposed since the conquest.

Contributors are: Miguel Arisa, Mary Brown, Ananda Cohen-Aponte, Elena FitzPatrick Sifford, Alessia Frassani, Jeremy James George, Orlando Hernández Ying, Angela Herren Rajagopalan, Keith Jordan, Lorena Tezanos Toral, Marcus B. Burke, and Lawrence Waldron.

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Alessia Frassani, Ph.D. (2009), City University of New York, has published books and articles on Mesoamerican pictography and colonial Latin American art, including Building Yanhuitlan: Art, politics, and religion in the Mixteca Alta since 1500 (University of Oklahoma Press, 2017).

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Notes on Contributors

1 Flower Mountain in Pre-Columbian Querétaro?
The Iconography of a Toltec Monument from El Cerrito
Keith Jordan
2 Divination, Ceremony, and Structure in the Codex Laud
Alessia Frassani
3 The Devil You Know
Pictorial Representations of the Devil and the Demonic in the ­Florentine Codex
Angela Herren Rajagopalan
4 Luminosity in Mexican Enconchado Paintings and Conceptions of the Sacred
Miguel Arisa
5 The Strings Attached
Problems in Integrating the Study of the Ancient Caribbean
Lawrence Waldron
6 The Cuban Bohío
History, Appropriation, and Transformation
Lorena Tezanos Toral
7 Picturing the Bird in Paracas: Images from Unwritten Narratives
Mary Brown
8 Indigenous Artists and the Representation of Africans in Colonial Peru
Elena FitzPatrick Sifford
9 Andean Cosmovision in the Angel Painting Series in the Viceroyalty of Peru
Orlando Hernandez Ying
10 Imagining Insurgency in Late Colonial Peru
Ananda Cohen-Aponte
11 Thinking in Stone
Re-presenting the Shape of Inca Culture Today
Jeremy James George
12 Final Remarks
Marcus B. Burke

Archaeologists, art historians, and researchers in culture area studies related to Latin America and the Caribbean. Research institutes, libraries, and universities with both undergraduate and post-graduate students and faculty with interests in these areas.