Valuable Broadleaved Forests in Europe


Ecological and economic considerations recently increased the interest in growing valuable broadleaved tree species. Although the demand for valuable timber is growing, and there is a notable interest among forest owners and farmers to grow valuable broad leaved tree species, the current level of knowledge about these species is insufficient. More information on how to grow valuable broadleaved species to obtain high-quality wood and more research on new options for forest management is needed. This book covers various relevant aspects of growing valuable broadleaved trees in an interdisciplinary approach.

The disciplines are represented by a consortium of experts and professionals in different disciplines of forest sciences and related areas. They describe the state of the art in their research fields.
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Table of contents

1. Introduction
1.1 Increasing Interest in Valuable Broadleaved Tree Species
1.2 Aim of the Book
2. State of the Art
2.1 Future Prospects for the Production of Timber from Valuable Broadleaves
2.2 Results of a Questionnaire on Management of Valuable Broadleaved Forests in Europe
3. Prerequisites for Growing Valuable Broadleaves
3.1 Genetics and Tree Breeding
3.2 Diseases, Disorders and Pests of Selected Valuable Broadleaved Tree Species
4. Management of Valuable Broadleaves
4.1 Crown Architecture of Valuable Broadleaved Species
4.2 Modeling Natural Pruning of Common Ash, Sycamore and Wild Cherry
4.3 Controlling Diameter Growth of Common Ash, Sycamore and Wild Cherry
4.4 Final Cutting Systems of Valuable Broadleaves
4.5.Wood Properties and Wood Processing of Valuable Broadleaved Trees Demonstrated with Common Ash and Maple in Southwest Germany
5. Environment and Society
5.1 Valuable Broadleaved Trees in the Landscape
5.2 Effects of Management of Valuable Broadleaved Trees on Nature Conservation
5.3 Do Species Matter? Valuable Broadleaves as an Object of Public Perception and Policy
6. Conclusions
6.1 Basic Features for Growing Valuable Broadleaved Trees in Europe
6.2 Future Strategies for Growing Valuable Broadleaved Trees in Europe
6.3 Future Research Needs and Challenges for Growing Valuable Broadleaved Trees in Europe


Researchers in natural sciences, Forest Managers, Landscape Architects
Working area: Forest Science, Forest Management, Timber Industry, NGOs in the field of forestry, landscape development and nature protection.

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