Ockham and Ockhamism

Studies in the Dissemination and Impact of His Thought


Long thought to be the most important medieval philosopher and theologian after Scotus and the founder of late medieval Nominalism, the meaning and influence of William of Ockham’s thought have become matters of intense debate in recent years. After a survey of the changing assessment of Nominalism in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, and a new understanding of twelfth-century Nominalism with related elements in the thought of Augustine and Anselm, this book examines the reception of Ockham’s thought at Oxford and Paris, the crisis over Ockhamism at Paris in the 1335 to 1345 period, and concludes with an examination of the legacy of Ockhamist thought in the late medieval period.
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Biographical Note

William J. Courtenay, Ph.D. (1967) Harvard University, is C. H. Haskins Professor of Medieval History and Hilldale Professor at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. He has published numerous books and articles in medieval intellectual history and on medieval universities, among them Adam Wodeham (Brill, 1978), Schools and Scholars in Fourteenth-Century England (Princeton, 1987), Capacity and Volition (Lubrina, 1990), and Parisian Scholars in the Early Fourteenth Century(Cambridge, 1999).

Table of contents

1. In search of Nominalism: Two Centuries of Historical Debate

Part One Before Ockham
2. Augustine and Nominalism
3. On the Eve of Nominalism: Consignification in Anselm
4. Nominales and Nominalism in the Twelfth Century
5. Nominales and Rules of the Inference

Part Two Ockham's Thought in England and Paris
6. The Academic and Intellectual Worlds of Ockham
7. The Reception of Ockham's Thought in Fourteenth-Century England
8. The Reception of Ockham's Thoughts at the University of Paris

Part Three The Crisis over Ockham's Thought at Paris
9. Ockham, Ockhamists, and the English-German Nation at Paris, 1339-1341
10. Force of Words and Figures of Speech: The Crisis over Virtus sermonis in the Fourteenth Century
11. The Registers of the University of Paris and the Statues against the Scientia Occamica
12. The Debate over Oclham's Physical Theories at Paris
13. The Quaestiones in Sententias of Michael de Massa, OESA. A Redating
14. Conrad of Megenberg: The Parisian Years
15. The Categories, Michael de Massa, and Natural Philosophy at PAris, 1335-1340

Part Four Aftermath
16. Ockhamism amng the Augustinians: the Case of Adam Wodeham
17. Theologia Anglicana Modernorum at Cologne in the Fourteenth Century
18. Was There an Ockhamist School?

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All those interested in medieval philosophy and theology, intellectual history, medieval universities, and church historians.


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