The Encyclopedia of Indonesia in the Pacific War

In cooperation with the Netherlands Institute for War Documentation


Editor: Peter Post
An obvious hiatus amidst the abundance of Pacific War studies is the story of Indonesia during that period. The Encyclopedia of Indonesia in the Pacific War, edited under the aegis of the Netherlands Institute for War Documentation, now fills that gap.
This state of the art work reflects the different experiences and historiographic traditions of Indonesians, Japanese, and Dutch. The aim is to present the developments in the Indonesian archipelago in as much a rational and dispassionate way as possible, taking into account regional and social variations and interpreting them within the international context of pre- and post-war trends. With due acknowledgement of different perspectives, ambiguities, unresolved issues and conflicting views, it sets out to enhance mutual understanding and academic dialogue.

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Choice’s Outstanding Academic Title 2010.


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Biographical Note

William H. Frederick, PhD (1978) University of Hawaii at Manoa, teaches Southeast Asian History at Ohio University (USA). He is the author of Visions and Heat. The Making of the Indonesian Revolution (Ohio University Press, 1989) and other works on modern Indonesian history.

Iris Heidebrink, Archivist at the National Archives, The Hague, since 1982, studied Cultural Anthropology at the VU University Amsterdam and Language and History of Indonesia at Leiden University. She published mainly on archival policies.

Peter Post, PhD (1991) in Social Sciences, VU University Amsterdam, is a senior-researcher at the Netherlands Institute for War Documentation. He is co-editor of Japan, Indonesia and the War: Myths and Realities (KITLV Press, 1997).

Shigeru Sato, PhD (1991) in Asian and International Studies, Griffith University, is a lecturer in Asian Studies at Newcastle University. He is the author of War, Nationalism and Peasants: Java under the Japanese Occupation 1942-1945 (Allen & Unwin and M.E. Sharpe, 1994).

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Taufik Abdullah, Gusti Asnan, Evelien Buchheim, Steve Bullard, Robert Cribb, Jaap Erkelens, Erwiza Erman, Siti Fatimah, Ken’ichi Goto, Petra Groen, Jeffrey Hadler, Makoto Hara, Yoko Hayashi, Iris Heidebrink, Yasuyuki Hikita, Huub de Jonge, Nico van Horn, William Bradley Horton, William H. Frederick, Audrey Kahin, Margaret Kartomi, Jeroen Kemperman, Peter Keppy, Yasuko Kobayashi, Aiko Kurasawa, Abidin Kusno, Didi Kwartanada, Elsbeth Locher-Scholten, Lizzy van Leeuwen, Ethan Mark, Jaap de Moor, Saki Murakami, Hidenori Okada, Gin Keat Ooi, Arno Ooms, Atsushi Ota, Marije Plomp, Harry Poeze, Peter Post, Helen Pourpouras, Anthony Reid, Shigeru Sato, Dick Schoonoord, Karel Steenbrink, Helen Spanjaard, P.J. Suwarno, Shigehito Takahashi, Keiko Tamura, Beatrice Trefalt, Aiko Utsumi, Adrian Vickers, Mayumi Yamamoto,Isao Yamazaki, Mestika Zed, Aukje Zuidema

Review Quotes

"This volume brings together a fascinating collection of scholarly articles and primary sources, complemented by a truly wonderful, eye-opening, and extensive selection of photographs, describing the history of WW II as it was experienced in Indonesia (...) Since the Japanese period has not been much explored in English-language scholarship on Indonesia, this book is a significant contribution for academic audiences and for others interested in learning more about life on the ground in wartime in a colonial world. This work will be very important for library collections and of immediate use to any university that offers courses in Southeast Asian history and/or social or cultural histories of WW II." – S. MAXIM, University of California, Berkeley, in: Choice Reviews Online (June 2010)
"This book marks a return to basic historical studies, juxtaposing an amazing range of critical information about the occupation period in Indonesia. This book will change the image of the Japanese occupation, facilitate the sharing of knowledge among scholarly communities, and stimulate a new generation of research on this problematic period of Indonesian history. While I dream of future work, this book is a welcome addition to any bookshelf and well worth the hefty price." – MAYUMI YAMAMOTO, Waseda University, in: Journal of Asian Studies (2010)
"The present volume covers this traumatic period in great detail and maintains a long tradition of scholarly research from the present publisher. Whilst it is clearly not aimed at the general public it offers the English-speaking reader an in-depth survey of the subject. It deserves a place in the library of any serious academic institution offering courses relating to Indonesia, the PacificWar or South East Asia more widely." – Peter Wellburn, in: Reference Reviews 25/5 (2011)


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