Stesichoros's Geryoneis


Stesichoros’s Geryoneis is without doubt one of the gems of the 6th century. This monograph offers the first full-length commentary (in English) to cover all aspects of the Geryoneis. Included in this monograph is a much-needed revised and up-to-date text together with a full apparatus. As well as concentrating on the poet’s usage of metre and language, a particular emphasis has been given to Stesichoros’s debt to epic poetry. Innovative too is the proposal that the Geryoneis was closely connected with the cult worship Geryon received in the 6th century. This book has an especial appeal to both those already familiar with lyric and epic poetry, but also, it is hoped, those new to Stesichoros.
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Biographical Note

Paul Curtis, Ph.D. (2005) in Classics, The University of Exeter, is an Honourary Fellow at The University of Exeter.

Table of contents


I. A Prosopography of Stesichoros
II. The Geryon Myth in the Archaic Period
III. Historical Background
IV. Performance
V. The Geryoneis as a Choral Song
VI. Cult of Geryon
VII. Language and Phonology
VIII. Metre
IX. The Papyri
X. The terminus ad quem of Physical Texts for the Geryoneis
XI. Order of Fragments


Note on the Text
Index Criticorum



I. Testimonia
II. Additional Sources
III. Eastern Parallels
IV. Plates


I. Editions
II. Commentaries
III. Select Bibliography

Tabula Comparationis


I. Subjects and Names
II. Index Verborum


The book primarily appeals to those specializing in lyric and epic poetry. It would be, however, very useful to those beginning their study of archaic Greek poetry.


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