A Companion to St. Paul in the Middle Ages


Over the last twenty years, increasing attention has been given to the interpretation of St. Paul in the Middle Ages. This is one of the first scholarly volumes to look broadly at the understanding and use of Paul in medieval Europe. It focuses not only on the interpretation of the Apostle by patristic and medieval exegetes, but also on the use of his teachings by church reformers, canon lawyers, and spiritual teachers, and his portrayal in art and vernacular literature and culture. By bringing together both exegetical studies of Pauline interpretation with explorations of newer themes, this book provides a more complete view of the medieval Paul than has previously been available.

Contributors include Csaba Nemeth, Ian Levy, Thomas Scheck, Joshua Papsdorf, Valerie Heuchan, Ann collins, Lisa Fagin Davis, James Morey, Ken Grant, Colt Anderson, Franklin Harkins, Steven Cartwright, and Aaron Canty.

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Steven R. Cartwright, Ph.D. (2001) in History, Western Michigan University, is Senior Instructor of History at Western Michigan University. He has published a translation of Peter Abelard's Commentary on Romans (The Catholic University of America Press, 2011) and other studies of medieval exegesis.

Contributors include: Csaba Nemeth, Ian Levy, Thomas Scheck, Joshua Papsdorf, Valerie Heuchan, Ann Collins, Lisa Fagin Davis, James Morey, Ken Grant, Colt Anderson, Franklin Harkins, Steven Cartwright, and Aaron Canty.
"The essays are informative and of a high quality; they should be of use to both scholars and students working in the field of medieval Pauline exegesis and its influence."
John T. Slotemaker, Fairfield University. In: Religious Studies Review, Vol. 39, No. 4 (December 2013), pp. 276-277.

‘’The editor and authors of this volume are to be congratulated on assembling a collection of essays that will serve as an indispensable resource for students and scholars working on the history of Pauline interpretation’’.
David C. Fink, Furman University. In: Sixteenth Century Journal, Vol. 44, No. 4, 2013, p. 1083.

"Un guide extrêmement utile pour suivre et comprendre l’influence de saint Paul dans l’Antiquité tardive et au Moyen Âge, entre l’époque patristique et la scolastique tardive. Loin de se limiter à la théologie et à l’exégèse scripturaire, l’enquête a été élargie à des domaines divers, tels que la spiritualité, l’histoire de l’art, l’iconographie, la littérature et la prédication ..... le volume édité par Cartwright constitue un instrument scientifiquement solide, qui permettra non seulement d’avoir un regard d’ensemble sur la figure de saint Paul au Moyen Âge, mais aussi d’engager de nouvelles recherches".
Iacopo Costa. In: Revue des sciences philosophiques et théologiques 97 (2014) 189-191.
Notes on Contributors
List of Illustrations

Introduction: St. Paul in the Middle Ages
Steven R. Cartwright


Patristic Pauline Exegesis

Origen’s Interpretation of Romans
Thomas P. Scheck

“Ambrosiaster” in Paul in the Middle Ages
Joshua Papsdorf

Pelagius’s Interpretation of Romans
Thomas P. Scheck

Saint Paul in Augustine
Aaron Canty

Medieval Pauline Exegesis

Commentaries on the Pauline Epistles in the Carolingian Era
Ian Levy

Eleventh Century Commentaries on the Epistles of Saint Paul: The Role of Glosses in Pauline Exegesis
Ann Collins

Twelfth Century Pauline Exegesis: William of St Thierry’s Monastic Rhetoric and Peter Abelard’s Scholastic Logic
Steven R. Cartwright

Docuit excellentissimae divinitatis mysteria: St. Paul in Thomas Aquinas
Franklin T. Harkins

Nicholas of Lyra (and Paul of Burgos) on the Pauline Epistles
Ian Levy


Paul in Ecclesiology and Spirituality

St. Paul in the Register of Pope Gregory VII and the Collection in 74 Titles
Ken Grant

St. Paul and Reform Rhetoric in the High Middle Ages
Colt Anderson

Paulus raptus to raptus Pauli: Paul’s rapture (2 Cor. 12:2-4) in the pre-scholastic and scholastic theologies
Csaba Nemeth

Paul in Art, Preaching, and Literature

The Epitome of Pauline Iconography: BnF Francais 50, The Miroir Historial of Jean de Vignay,
Lisa Fagin Davis

The Apostle Paul in Anglo-Saxon England: All Things to All Men
Valerie Heuchan

Paul in Old and Middle English
James H. Morey

All those interested in medieval theology, biblical interpretation, spirituality, church history, and culture: scholars, educated laymen, clergy; appropriate for academic and seminary libraries.