Holy Nations and Global Identities

Civil Religion, Nationalism, and Globalisation


Along with the processes of globalisation and the end of the cold war we have seen an upsurge in religious nationalism and an increasing focus on the role of religion as a legitimising force in democratic secular states. Holy Nations & Global Identities draws on the combined theoretical and historical insight of historians, political scientists and social scientists on the question of nationalism and globalisation with the methodological knowledge of religion presented by sociologists of religion.
The book brings genuine theoretical explorations and original case studies on civil religion, nationalism and globalization. It also provides an introduction to the research history of the fields and aims to develop and elaborate on the theories and methodology of the investigated subjects.
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Biographical Note

Annika Hvithamar, Ph. D in Sociology of Religion is associate professor at the University of Southern Denmark. She has published in the area of contemporary Christianity including Recent Releases (Sheffield Phoenix Press, 2008), co-edited with Geert Hallbäck.

Margit Warburg, Dr. Phil in Sociology of Religion and Professor at the University of Copenhagen. She has published extensively in the area of civil religion, migration and religion, globalisation, and new religions. Her publications include Citizens of the World. A History and Sociology of the Baha’is from a Globalisation Perspective (Brill, 2006).

Brian Arly Jacobsen, Ph. D in Sociology of Religion is research assistant at the University of Copenhagen. His area of research is mainly in the area of religion and politics and religious minority groups in Denmark. His publications include Tørre tal om troen. Religionsdemografi i det 21. århundrede [Dry numbers on faith. Demography of Religion in the 21st Century] (Univers, 2007), co-edited with Margit Warburg.

Table of contents

Contributors include: Anthony D. Smith, Marcela Cristi, Eileen Barker, Ulf Hedetoft, Atsuko Ichijo, Roger O'Toole, Sergej Flere, Pål Ketil Botvar, Niels Reeh and Pål Ketil Botvar


All those interested in the study of civil religion, nationalism and globalization and the dynamic linkings between religion and society.


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