Praise Israel for Wisdom and Instruction

Essays on Ben Sira and Wisdom, the Letter of Aristeas and the Septuagint


This book brings together fifteen articles representing the major thrusts of Prof. Wright's work over the last decade. They focus on three interrelated themes in the study of Early Judaism. (1) Translation. Several essays treat Jewish translation strategies as well as some of the social frameworks within which translation took place. (2) Social Location. The effort to locate texts in their social landscapes has helped to break down many traditional scholarly categories. Especially pertinent are the ways that wisdom and apocalyptic relate to each other, and he explores how specific wisdom and apocalyptic texts relate. (3) Transmission of Tradition. Several articles focus on how traditional material was shaped and framed in order to ensure its successful transmission to subsequent generations.
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Benjamin G. Wright III, Ph.D. (1988) University of Pennsylvania, is Professor of Religion Studies at Lehigh University. He writes on Early Judaism and has edited A New English Translation of the Septuagint (with Albert Pietersma; New York: Oxford University Press, 2007).

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Due to the author‟s lucid style and his groundbreaking use of several new methodologies..., the volume can be considered as a kind of introduction for all those working in the field of encounters between Hebrew and Greek culture in early Jewish era.

Géza Xeravits, Budapest


Those interested in the history and literature of Early Judaism, especially wisdom literature, the book of Ben Sira, and ancient translations, particularly the Septuagint.

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