Philosophy and Theology in the Long Middle Ages

A Tribute to Stephen F. Brown


This book is a gift to Stephen Brown in honor of his 75th birthday. The 35 contributions to this Festschrift are disposed in five parts: Metaphysics and Natural Philosophy, Epistemology and Ethics, Philosophy and Theology, Theological Questions, Text and Context. These five headings articulate Stephen Brown’s underlying conception and understanding of medieval philosophy and theology, which the editors share: The main theoretical and practical issues of the ‘long medieval’ intellectual tradition are rooted in an epistemology and a metaphysics, which must be understood not as separated from theology but as being in a fruitful exchange with theological conceptions and questions; further, in order to understand the longue durée of this tradition of philosophical and theological discourse, scholars must engage the textual traditions that conveyed it.
Contributors are Jan A. Aertsen, Carlos Bazan, Oliva Blanchette, Olivier Boulnois, Anthony Celano, William J. Courtenay, Anne A. Davenport, Alain de Libera, Thomas Dewender, John P. Doyle, Stephen D. Dumont, Kent Emery, Jr., Juan Carlos Flores, Christopher D. Schabel, Fritz S. Pedersen, Russell L. Friedman, André Goddu, Wouter Goris, Michael Gorman, Simo Knuuttila, Theo Kobusch, Paul Joseph LaChance, Matthew Lamb, Matthew Levering, R. James Long, Steven P. Marrone, Lauge Nielsen, Timothy Noone, Thomas M. Osborne,.Klaus Rodler, Risto Saarinen, John T. Slotemaker, Jean Céleyrette, Jean-Luc Solere, Andreas Speer, Carlos Steel, Eileen Sweeney, Jeremy Wilkins, John F. Wippel.

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Kent Emery, Jr., Ph.D. 1976 in Medieval Studies, University of Toronto, is Professor in the Medieval Institute at the University of Notre Dame. He has published extensively on monastic, Scholastic and mystical theologies and philosophy of the later Middle Ages, and is Editor of theBulletin de philosophie medievale.
Russell L. Friedman, Ph.D. 1997 in History, University of Iowa, is Professor at the Catholic University of Leuven's De Wulf-Mansion-Centre for Ancient, Medieval and Renaissance Philosophy. He has published Medieval Trinitarian Thought from Aquinas to Ockham (Cambridge, 2010) and articles and book chapters dealing with later-medieval trinitarian theology and philosophical psychology, as well as genres of later-medieval philosophical and theological literature.
Andreas Speer, Ph.D. 1986 in Philosophy, University of Bonn, is Professor in Philosophy and Director of the Thomas-Institut at the University of Cologne. His main publications are in the field of the history of Medieval philosophy an theology, on natural philosophy, epistemology and in Medieval aesthetics. He is directing a couple of great research projects (Averroes latinus, Durandus a S. Porciano, etc.) and is the general editor of the Miscellanea Mediaevalia and the STGM.
Preface ... xi
Introduction ... 1

The Transformation of Metaphysics in the Middle Ages ... 19
Jan A. Aertsen
The Division of the Waters (Gen 1,6–7): The History of a Conundrum and its Resolution by the Early Oxford Masters ... 41
R. James Long
The Problem of the Knowability of Substance: The Discussion from Eustachius of Arras to Vital du Four ... 63
Timothy B. Noone
The Division of Metaphysical Discourses: Boethius, Thomas Aquinas and Meister Eckhart ... 91
Andreas Speer
Thomas Aquinas and the Unity of Substantial Form ... 117
John F. Wippel
Aquinas’s Conception of the Great Chain of Being: A More Considered Reply to Lovejoy ... 155
Oliva Blanchette
Between Unity and Perceptibility—Richard Conington and the Concept of Being ... 189
Wouter Goris
Medieval Natural Philosophy and Modern Science—Continuity and Revolution ... 213
André Goddu

St. Augustine on Memoria and Commemoratio ... 237
Fr. Matthew L. Lamb
Transcendental Prediction in Boethius’ Signification Theory: De hebdomadibus in the Context of the Commentaries on Peri hermeneias ... 249
Paul J. LaChance
Reexamining the Doctrine of Divine Illumination in the Latin Philosophy of the High Middle Ages ... 275
Steven P. Marrone
« Sive dormiat sive vigilet » Le sommeil du juste et l’activité du sage, selon Albert le Grand, Boèce de Dacie et Maître Eckhart ... 303
Olivier Boulnois
A Question of Justice: The Good Thief, Cain and the Pursuit of Moral Perfection ... 321
Anthony J. Celano
Thomas Aquinas and John Duns Scotus on Individual Acts and the Ultimate End ... 351
Thomas M. Osborne
Peter Auriol on the Categories of Action and Passion: The Second Question of His Quodlibet ... 375
Lauge O. Nielsen
William of Ockham and Walter Burley on Signification and Imaginary Objects ... 437
Thomas Dewender
Dénomination extrinsèque et « changement cambridgien ». Éléments pour une archéologie médiévale de la subjectivité ... 451
Alain de Libera
Desire, Consent and Sin: the Earliest Free Will Debates of the Reformation ... 471
Risto Saarinen

The Problem of Philosophy and Theology in Anselm of Canterbury ... 487
Eileen C. Sweeney
The Doctrine of the Creation of the Soul in Thomas Aquinas ... 515
B. Carlos BazÁn
St. Thomas Aquinas on Theological Truth ... 571
John P. Doyle
Thomas Sutton on Theology as a Science: An Edition of Questions 1, 3, and 4 of Sutton’s “Cowton Critique” ... 591
Klaus Rodler
The Roots of Love of Wisdom: Henry of Ghent on Platonic and Aristotelian Forms ... 623
Juan Carlos Flores
At the Outer Limits of Authenticity: Denys the Carthusian’s Critique of John Duns Scotus and His Followers ... 641
Kent Emery, Jr.
Pia Philosophia—Prisca Theologia. Die Idee vom Universalen Christentum ... 673
Theo Kobusch

Trinitarian Missions and the Order of Grace According to Thomas Aquinas ... 689
Jeremy D. Wilkins
Questions Concerning the Existences of Christ ... 709
Michael Gorman
The Psychology of the Incarnation in John Duns Scotus ... 737
Simo Knuuttila
Ockham on the Papacy ... 749
Matthew Levering
John Calvin’s Trinitarian Theology in the 1536 Institutes: The Distinction of Persons as a Key to His Theological Sources ... 781
John T. Slotemaker

Matthew of Aquasparta and the Greeks ... 813
Christopher D. Schabel, Fritz S. Pedersen & Russell L. Friedman
Jacques de Lausanne, Censeur et Plagiaire de Durand de Saint-Pourçain : Édition de la q. 2, dist. 17 du l. I, de son Commentaire des Sentences ... 855
Jean Céleyrette (Lille) / Jean-Luc Solère
Durandus at the Stuart Court ... 891
Anne A. Davenport
Theological Bachelors at Paris on the Eve of the Papal Schism. The Academic Environment of Peter of Candia ... 921
William J. Courtenay
From Siger of Brabant to Erasmus. Philosophy and Civilization in the Late Medieval Low Countries ... 953
Carlos Steel

List of Contributors ... 981

Index codicum ... 991
Index nominum ... 993
All of those interested in the philosophy, theology and intellectual and institutional history from ca. 400 to 1700.