Arabic Literary Thresholds

Sites of Rhetorical Turn in Contemporary Scholarship

This volume, dedicated to Jaroslav Stetkevych, includes a number of original contributions that signify a rhetorical shift in the social sciences and Arabic studies. The articles and essays deal with Orientalism, classical Arabic tradition, Andalusian poetry, Francophone literature, translation, architecture and poetry, comparative studies, and Sufism. Literary production is studied in its own terms to situate these literary concerns in the mainstream of cultural studies. The outcome is a solid and highly sophisticated scholarship that makes this book one of the most needed among scholars and students of comparative literature, Arabic poetics and politics, Orientalism, Afro-Asian studies, East/West encounters and translation.

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Muhsin J. al-Musawi is professor of Arabic and comparative studies at Columbia University, New York. He is the Executive Editor of Journal of Arabic Literature, and has taught in a number of Universities, including the American University of Sharjah, the University of Manouba in Tunis, and Baghdad University. His publications in Arabic and English are numerous, including The Postcolonial Arabic Novel. Debating Ambivalence (Brill, 2003).
Contributors to this volume include: Suzanne P. Stetkevych, Akiko M.Sumi, Aida Azouqa, Elizabeth Holt, Michael Sells, Samer Ali, James T. Monroe, Emil Homerin, and Roger Allen.
The book provides a wealth of information and new methodologies to scholars and students in comparative studies, cultural studies, cultural anthropology, comparative literature, Islamic studies, Arabic literature, architecture, and translation.