Democracy and the Rule of Law in China


Editor: Keping Yu
Democracy and the Rule of Law in China is intended to make available to English-language readers debates among prominent Chinese intellectuals and academics over issues of political, constitutional, and legal reform; modes of governance in urban and rural China; and culture and cultural policy. China’s unprecedented economic development following the implementation of the Reform and Opening policy has drawn widespread international attention; yet accompanying political developments have been largely overlooked. A compilation of the works of twelve contemporary Chinese scholars, this book offers unique insights into the wealth of viewpoints and diversity of issues influencing and defining the development of democracy and the rule of law in China. Based on theoretical and practical analyses of China’s political development to date, the authors propose specific models for the expansion of democratic mechanisms already present in the current political structure. Exploring topics ranging from autonomous village governance and grassroots elections to constitutional reform and judicial independence, the authors are unified on one point: China’s political development must pursue a gradual, distinctly-Chinese course in order to promote social stability, continued economic advancement, and the establishment of a socialist democratic society.

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Yu Keping, Ph.D. (1988) in Political Science, Peking University, is Professor & Director of the China Center for Comparative Politics and Economics. He has published extensively on political philosophy and China's political reform. His major works include The Institutional Environment of Civil Society in China (2006).

Toward an Incremental Democracy and Governance: Chinese Theories and Assessment Criteria
     Yu Keping
An Analysis of the Basic Theoretical Problems Concerning Democracy in China
     Gu Su
Democratization: The Chinese Model and Course of Political Development
     He Zengke


A Survey of Civic Character and Electoral Reform in China
     Cai Dingjian
Intraparty Democracy and Political Development: Exploiting the Resources within the Establishment to Advance China’s Democratic Development
     Hu Wei
Democratization of the National People’s Congress as the Focal Point for the Continued Advancement of China’s Democratic Development
     Pu Xingzu
The Route of Rural Governance Reform: Strengthening Village Management and Streamlining Township and County Governance
     Xu Yong
A Survey of China’s Legislative Work to Establish Village Autonomy
     Bai Gang


Constitutionalism and China
     Li Buyun
Several Fundamental Theoretical Issues Regarding China’s Constitutional Reform
     Xia Yong
Judicial Independence and Constitutional Reform
     Ma Huaide and Deng Yi
China and the Rule of Law in the Global Era
     Zhang Wenxian
All those interested in governmental reform, governance, the development of the rule of law, and the political development in China.