Iberian Books / Libros ibéricos (IB)

Books Published in Spanish or Portuguese or on the Iberian Peninsula before 1601 / Libros publicados en español o portugués o en la Península Ibérica antes de 1601

This is the first comprehensive listing of all books published in Spain, Portugal, Mexico and Peru or in Spanish or Portuguese before 1601. Iberian Books offers an analytical short title-catalogue of over 19,000 bibliographically distinct items, with reference to around 100,000 surviving copies in over 1,200 libraries worldwide. By drawing together information from many previously disparate published and online resources, it seeks to provide a single, powerful research resource. Fully-indexed, Iberian Books is an indispensible work of reference for all students and specialists interested in the literature, history and culture of the Iberian Peninsula in the early modern age, as well as historians of the European book world.

For the period 1601-1650, see Iberian Books Volumes II & III.

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Alexander S. Wilkinson, M. Litt., PhD (2002) in History, University of St Andrews, is Director of the Centre for the History of the Media at University College Dublin. He is the author of a number of studies of the book world of early-modern Europe.
Iberian Books (IB) represents an enormously important step forward and will quickly become a major resource for anyone studying Iberian culture of the Golden Age.”
Tess Knighton, Clare College, Cambridge

“The Iberian Books Project deserves our most heartfelt thanks. […] An invaluable source of material and information.”
Trevor J. Dadson, Queen Mary University of London. In: Bulletin of Spanish Studies, Vol. 96, No. 4 (2019), pp. 703-705.

“… long overdue … This crucial tool, which opens immense possibilities for the study of Iberian book history, has expanded by more than a fifth the known local bibliographies. The bibliographical data can be accessed by author, date, language, classification and printer, and allows to gather information in an accurate manner on issues such as regional differences in book production and consumption, and the evolution of a book’s popularity; the religious production in a specific space for a time period; per capita production of books by regions; how Iberian book production compares with other European productions, as well as idiosyncrasies of Iberian printing and its dispersed geographical production.”
The Year’s Work in Modern Language Studies, Vol. 74 (2012)

“Enmarcado en el proyecto europeo Universal Short Title Catalogue, Iberian Books se ofrece a los investigadores no solo como utilísima herramienta bibliográfica, sino también como estímulo de renovación de métodos y enfoques, al ofrecer reunida, organizada, sistematizada y accesible toda la información sobre el libro ibérico en el período altomoderno.”
Victoria Pineda, Universidad de Extremadura

“Instrumento de trabajo crucial para comprender la naturaleza de la experiencia bibliográfica ibérica a lo largo del xvi.”
Carmen Peraita, Villanova University, in: Anuario Lope de Vega, Vol. 20 (2014), pp. 262-271.

“die Kurztitelverzeichnisse alter Drucke aus den irisch/schottischen Bibliographie-Werkstätten ... bieten für länder- und sprachenübergreifende Recherchen gute Voraussetzungen”
Klaus Schreiber, in: Informationsmittel (IFB), September 2010

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