Linguistic Bibliography for the Year 2003 / Bibliographie Linguistique de l’année 2003

and Supplement for Previous Years / et complement des années précédentes


Editors: Hella Olbertz and Sijmen Tol
With over 15,000 titles arranged according to a detailed state-of-the-art classification, the Linguistic Bibliography remains the standard reference book for every scholar of language and linguistics.

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Table of contents
Preface Table of contents Periodicals Abbreviations Directions for use General works General linguistics and related disciplines Interrelationships between language families Indo-European languages Asianic and Mediterranean languages Basque and the ancient languages of the Iberian Peninsula Hamito-Semitic (Afro-Asiatic) languages Caucasian languages Eurasiatic languages Dravidian languages Languages of Mainland South-East Asia Austronesian, Papuan and Australian languages Languages of Subsaharan Africa Amerindian languages Pidgins and Creoles Sign languages
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