Coinage and Money in Medieval Greece 1200-1430 (2 vols.)


Author: Julian Baker
Coinage and Money in Medieval Greece 1200-1430, by Julian Baker, is a monetary history of medieval Thessaly, mainland Greece and the Peloponnese, Epiros, and adjacent islands. The central focus of the book is the record of coin finds and coin types, which this study presents in a fully developed political, socio-economic, military, and archaeological/topographical context.
In medieval Greece there is a strong symbiosis between monetary and historical developments. The general level of documentation is also vastly superior to the preceding middle Byzantine period. Volume Two presents and evaluates these data. Volume One offers analyses on major historical themes, which demonstrate that the monetary sources can hold narratives in their own rights, complementing and at times contradicting the established accounts.

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Julian Baker holds a Ph.D. from Birmingham University and is now curator of medieval and modern coins at the Ashmolean Museum of the University of Oxford. He has worked especially in coin collections of Greece, Italy and Turkey, and he has published numerous studies on the Byzantine and medieval numismatics and monetary histories of these territories.
Medieval numismatists and monetary historians, historians and archaeologists dealing with aspects of medieval Greece. The readership is from advanced undergraduate onwards. The book is aimed at specialist coin collection libraries, archaeological institutes dealing with Greece and the wider Mediterranean, as well as general academic libraries.