Policing Marital Violence in Singapore


"Why have years of police reform in Singapore not produced significant changes in improving the policing of marital violence" is the fundamental question raised by this volume. Carefully exploring the police response to marital violence in Singapore, while paying due attention to the particular culture and historical context in place, the author reframes the questions about the problem of intimate violence. The book goes into the ramifications for the criminal justice system, particularly into the issues of policing, safety and protection of victims from such violence. A careful documentation of the reform process, but also the resistance encountered within the police organisation, especially by the rank-and-file police.
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Narayanan, Ganapathy, Ph.D. (2001) in Sociology, National University of Singapore, is an Assistant Professor at the National University of Singapore. He has researched and published extensively on policing domestic violence, gangs and criminal justice policy in Singapore.


It will be a useful reader for students, researchers, reformers, policy-makers and practitioners working in the areas of comparative criminal justice, criminology, sociology of gender, sociology of policing, and victimology.

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