The Earliest Syriac Translation of Aristotle's Categories

Text,Translation and Commentary


Aristotle’s logic first became known in the Middle East through the medium of the Syriac language at a time prior to the rise of classical Arabic philosophy. The present volume makes available for the first time the earliest Syriac translation (sixth century AD) of the Categories, which is here edited together with an English translation, analytical commentary, glossaries and indices. The availability of such an important early work will enable the beginnings of the Semitic Aristotelian tradition to be studied more comprehensively. This will open the way to a better understanding of both the study of Aristotelian logic in Syriac and also of the significance of the Syriac tradition for the genesis and rise of Arabic logic.
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Biographical Note

Daniel King, Ph.D. (2006) in Syriac Studies, is Lecturer in Semitic Languages at Cardiff University. He has published in Syriac Philosophy and Patristics, especially translations from Greek, including The Syriac Versions of the Writings of Cyril of Alexandria (Peeters, 2008)

Review Quotes

"The present book is a masterpiece of philological inquiry."
Dana Miller in History and Philosophy of Logic 33.1 (2012), p. 104-106.


Academics engaged in the study of Semitic philosophy, Syriac literature and translations, and also Classicists with an interest in the reception of Greek philosophy.


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