Advances in Mesopotamian Medicine from Hammurabi to Hippocrates

Proceedings of the International Conference "Oeil malade et mauvais oeil", Collège de France, Paris, 23rd June 2006


This volume, which originated with a conference at the Collège de France, comprises contributions by many of the leading researchers in Babylonian and Assyrian medicine. A wealth of topics are studied, including medical lexicography, prosopography, and technology, economic aspects of healing, and Mesopotamian influence on Greece. First-time editions of cuneiform medical tablets are presented. The volume will interest scholars in many branches of Assyriology, and also historians of Greek medicine.

Barbara Böck, Paul Demont, Jean-Marie Durand,
Jeanette C. Fincke, Markham J. Geller, Nils. P. Heeßel, Marten Stol, Martin Worthington
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Biographical Note

Annie Attia and Gilles Buisson are cofounders of Le Journal des Médecines Cunéiformes, which made its debut in 2003. Together they have worked on Akkadian medical literature both as authors and as editors of the journal. They also maintain their own medical practices.

Table of contents

Introduction: “Oeilmalade etmauvais oeil”; Markham J. Geller
The Babylonian Physician Rabâ-ˇsa-Marduk. Another Look at Physicians and Exorcists in the Ancient Near East; Nils P. Heeßel
“To be ill” in Akkadian:The Verb Sal¯a’u and the Substantive Sili’tu; Marten Stol
Some Notes on Medical Information outside the Medical Corpora; MartinWorthington
Cuneiform Tablets on Eye Diseases: Babylonian Sources in Relation to the Series diˇs na igiII-ˇsú gig; Jeanette C. Fincke
On Medical Technology in Ancient Mesopotamia; Barbara Böck
L’ancienneté de lamédecine hippocratique: un essai de bilan; Paul Demont


All those interested in Assyriology, as well as ancient Near East and Greek medicine

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