Facets and Practices of State-Building


Editors: Julia Raue and Patrick Sutter
Drawing on a mix of international academic and field expert work, this book presents and analyses contemporary state-building efforts. It offers studies on the theoretical and practical foundations and causes of state-building, identifies the role and responsibilities of key actors and points to vital issues which merit specific attention in state-building undertakings. The book offers lessons for the future of state-building relevant to both practitioners and the academic community.
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Biographical Note

Julia Raue, Ph.D. in Law, University of St. Gallen, works at United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, currently assisting the Special Rapporteur on the independence of judges and lawyers, and is lecturer in international law. Patrick Sutter, Ph.D. in Law, University of St. Gallen, Partner of Kessler Wassmer Giacomini & Partner, attorneys-at-law, in Schwyz and Lecturer at the University of Zurich (Switzerland), is founding co-editor of the Journal "Sicherheit & Recht / Sécurité & Droit" and legal expert in the staff of the Head of the Swiss Army.

Table of contents

PREFACE FOUNDATIONS State-Building or The Dilemma of Intervention: An Introduction Patrick Sutter Great Power Responsibility and “Failed States”: Strengthening Sovereignty? David Chandler The Interplay between Security and Legitimacy: Security Sector Reform and State-Building Fairlie Chappuis & Heiner Hänggi CAUSES State-Building and the Transformation of Warfare Monika Heupel Citizenship Scarcity and State Weakness: Learning from the Colombian Experience Ann C. Mason ACTORS State-Building and the United Nations: A Critical Overview Simon Chesterman The European Union as a State-Builder: Policies towards Serbia and Sri Lanka Marlies Glasius & Denisa Kostovicova Constitution-Building in Eastern Europe: Achievements of and Challenges to the Council of Europe Julia Raue The Duties of the Occupying Power: An Overview of the Recent Developments in the Law of Occupation Charles H. B. Garraway Peace-Building and the Role of International Tribunals Roberta Arnold ISSUES Private Security and State-Building William Reno Women’s Human Rights in the State-Rebuilding Process Hilary Charlesworth The Significance of Cultural Heritage for State Stability and its Protection by Public International Law Kerstin Odendahl & Mayte Peters PROCESSES What the Neighbours Think: State-Building, Esteem and Political Culture Kai Spiekermann Comparative Law and the ‘Proceduralization’ of Constitution-Building Processes Andrea Lollini & Francesco Palermo LIST OF AUTHORS INDEX