Zemstvo Statistics

Zemstvo Statistics
Russia c. 1870-1917

Zemstvo Statistical Studies
Few countries can rival Russia with respect to accuracy and diversity of statistical data collected in the period between 1870 and 1917. The first Zemstvo statistical studies began around 1870, but the main bulk of the work was carried out in two relatively short periods, the mid-1880s and from 1906 to 1914. Starting in the early 1890s, the relations between Zemstvo statisticians and local officials deteriorated, the work of the statisticians was obstructed, and the amount of published material dropped sharply. After 1905, conditions improved and a wide range of topics was studied, including public health, education, and industry. The main topic, however, was the agricultural economy. Statisticians interviewed an estimated total of 4.5 million peasant families, and the list covering this work includes about 3,500 items.
The bulk of this Zemstvo material comprises:
• censuses of peasant households (so-called osnovnaia zemskaia statistica)
• annual data on agricultural production and crops (so-called tekushchaia zemskaia statistica)
• peasant budgets
• estimates of the values of permanent manufacturing facilities in the city and the country
• handicrafts ( promysly)
• demographic statistics, data concerning peasant migration to Siberia, the Far East and Kazakhstan
• health and sickness statistics
• data concerning primary education and libraries
• meteorological data

The Microfiche Project
The publications of Zemstvo Statistics are widely dispersed over different libraries, which makes it difficult for researchers to fully utilize this abundant material. IDC has made its collection of Zemstvo Statistics as complete as possible: on the one hand, every supplement includes new provinces ( guberniia) and new titles; on the other hand, it includes the missing volumes from the titles published in previous catalogues. It should be noted that the titles listed in the catalogue do not represent a bibliographical compilation, but only an inventory of all the items available through IDC.

External finding aids
Both a printed guide and an electronic index on CD-ROM to this collection are available. The CD-ROM contains a fully indexed database with all Zemstvo titles and will allow you to execute searches quick and efficiently through the complete collection, on:
• author (editor) name
• title
• subject
• language
• place of publication, and
• year of publication.

The CD-ROM is available free of charge, on request. Moreover, Zemstvo Statistics are also available separately per guberniia.