Ezekiel and the Leaders of Israel


Ezekiel and the Leaders of Israel explores the attitudes expressed in the Book of Ezekiel towards the various different leadership groups within Judean society: the monarchy, the priests and Levites, the prophets, and the lay leadership (including zᵉqēnîm, śārîm and other ruling classes). The thesis is advanced that there is a coherent and connected attitude taken toward these leadership groups throughout the book: those singled out for the most reproach in Ezekiel's critique of the past are marginalized in his plan for the future, while those who escape blame are assigned positions of honour. It is not simply a matter of tinkering with the status of a single group in society, but rather a radical and complete restructuring, designed to avoid repetition of the sins of the past.
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Biographical Note

Iain M. Duguid, Ph.D. (1992) in Old Testament, University of Cambridge, is Minister of Redeemer Presbyterian Church, Oxford.

Review Quotes

' D's monograph, [...] provides a comprehensive survey of materials in the Book of Ezekiel relating to Israel's leadership groups.'
C.T.B., Old Testament Abstracts, 1995.
' This is a carefully executed and well-presented piece of historical-critical scholarschip...the volume is to be welcomed as a valuable contribution.'
P.M. Joyce, Society for Old Testament Study, 1995.
' Duguid's monograph has made thorough and excellent use of previous generations of scholarship, making his bibliography particularly interesting and useful.'
Steven S. Tuell, Journal of Biblical Literature, 1996.
' This is a solid work, abreast of all the trends in the conemporary study of Ezekiel. Readers will gain a balanced, up-to-date picture and critique of the field, besides judicious conclusions on the topics central to the inquiry.'
Moshe Greenberg, Journal of the American Oriental Society, 1999.


All those interested in the study of the Old Testament and of the history and religion of Israel.


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