Competition and Regulation in Shipping and Shipping Related Industries

Maritime competition as an economic phenomenon is currently influenced by a number of factors both at EU and international level. From a legislative point of view, the recent repeal of EC Reg. 4056/1986 affects the treatment of horizontal agreements not only in the liner but also in the bulk sector, which was excluded until recently from the scope of EC secondary competition rules. However, competition distortions are not only a question of private arrangements. They emanate also from measures and practices incompatible with the freedom to provide services, Member states’ protectionism and international mandatory regulation. This volume comparatively and comprehensively examines all these issues, by bringing together contributions from distinguished academics. Particular focus is given on private shipping cartels, the liberalization of cabotage and port services, indirect competition-distorting factors and the latest developments on international regulation of carriage of goods by sea.
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Biographical Note

Antonis Antapassis, emeritus Professor of Commercial Law at the Law Faculty of Athens, is the President of the Hellenic Association of Maritime Law and heads the Committee on Maritime Law Reform. He has published several books and papers, mainly on admiralty and carriage of goods by sea law.
Lia I. Athanassiou (Ph.D. Paris I, visiting scholar, Harvard L.S.) is an assistant Professor of Commercial Law at the Law Faculty of Athens and former member of the Hellenic Competition Authority. She has published mainly on EC competition law and maritime law.
Erik Røsæg holds a chair of Commercial Law at the Scandinavian Institute of Maritime Law (University of Oslo). He has published on maritime law as well as general commercial law topics, and has played an important part in the development of several new maritime liability conventions.


All those interested in shipping (liner, bulk, sabotage) and shipping related industries (port sector, marine insurance etc) as well as those interested in competition, both from an academic and a practitioner point of view.


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