Chinese and Indian Business

Historical Antecedents


In recent years the phenomenal rise of the economies of China and India has led to a proliferation of academic studies. Much of the focus has been on economic performance, development strategies and the comparative advantage of the two economies. A comparative study of business as an agent of change has been lacking This volume brings together articles by leading scholars in the field of Chinese and Indian business who offer fresh perspectives on the historical antecedents of business in the two economies.

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Biographical Note

Medha Kudaisya, Ph.D. (University of Cambridge, United Kingdom), is an Assistant Professor at the National University of Singapore. She has published extensively on Indian business and economic history.
Ng Chin-keong, Ph D (Australian National University), is Professor (retired) at the National University of Singapore. He works on local and maritime history of Southeastern China during the 18th and 19th centuries and has published widely on the area.

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Sherman Cochran - Chinese and Overseas Chinese Business History: Three Challenges to the State of the Field

David Faure - Beyond Networking: An Institutional View of Chinese Business

Wong Siu-lun - 'Decentering’: the Rise of Hong Kong as a Network Society

Medha Kudaisya - Marwari and Chettiar Merchants: c. 1850s - 1950s: Comparative Trajectories

Dwijendra Tripathi - ‘Colonial Syndrome’ and Technology Choices in Indian Industry

Aditya Mukherjee - Indian Business, State and Civil Society: Implications for Global Participation

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All those interested in the history of Chinese and Indian business, in trading networks and in the economies of China and India.

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