Editor: Zhongjian Mou
Religious Studies in Contemporary China Collection, Taoism gathers together English translations of seventeen articles originally published in the People’s Republic of China between 1947 and 2006, and republished together in 2008 as part of an edited volume of representative works in PRC Taoist studies. While only part of the volume edited by Professor Mou was selected for translation in the present project, the aim remains the same: showcasing representative works of Taoist studies in mainland China, including early articles that were widely influential although they may now be superseded in some aspects by more recent research. Most of the major scholars of Taoist studies in the PRC are represented in this anthology, and many of them have never had any of their work translated into any Western language before; it is hoped that the present volume will draw readers to their scholarship and inspire them to read their books and articles in Chinese.
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International Advisor: Vincent Goossaert École Pratique des Hautes Études

Review Quotes

“...the massive database offers marvelous sources for one’s research.”
Shin-Yi Chao, University of Rochester, 237-240

Table of contents

      Vincent Goossaert
Taoist Studies: Past and Present: A retrospective and perspective analysis of Taoist studies over a hundred years
      Qing Xitai
From Yiqie daojing to Zhonghua daozang—A Retrospective of the Study of the Taoist Textual Heritage
      Wang Ka
The Apocryphal Jia Section in Taipingjing Chao 太平经钞 [Excerpts from the Scripture of Great Peace]
      Wang Ming
Lao-tzu, the Tao of Lao-tzu, and the Evolution of Taoism ---The Cultural Significance of the “Legend of Lao-tzu Converting the Barbarians 老子化胡说”
      Hong Xiuping
Cao Cao and Taoism
      Li Gang
The Taoist Concept of the “Six Heavens”
      Wang Zongyu
Cheng Xuanying and the study of the Twofold Mystery
      Tang Yijie
From the Fundamentals of Philosophical Taoism to the Inner Alchemy of Religious Taoism
      Zhang Guangbao
“Follow and Oppose 顺逆” in Taoist Inner Alchemy and Its Contemporary Interpretation
      Ge Guolong
Quanzhen School and the Culture of Qilu Region
      Mou Zhongjian
The Revival of the Longmen Branch of the Quanzhen School in the Qing Dynasty
      Chen Bing
The Impact of the Taoist Morality Book Taiwei xianjun gongguoge 太微仙君功过格 [ Register of Merits and Demerits of the Divine Lord of Great Tenuity]
      Chen Xia
Abnegating Killing and Cherishing Life
      Li Yuanguo
Taoist Philosophy on Environmental Protection
      Yin Zhihua
Study of the Medical Elements in Taoist Treatment: The Use of Talismans and Incantations
      Gai Jianmin
A Comparative Study of the Ritual of the Three Great Purities, the Taiyi Ritual of Sublimation, and the Doumu Ritual of Sublimation --Similarities and Differences between the Taoist Rituals of the Cantonese Region and of the Jiangnan Region
      Chen Yaoting
The Theatrical Character of Taoist Rituals
      Liu Zhongyu


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