Editor: Lou Yulie
Translator: Pei-Ying Lin
This volume contains the English translation of articles selected from Religious Studies in Contemporary China Collection: Buddhism (Dangdai Zhongguo zongjiao yanjiu jingxuan: Fojiao juan) edited by Lou Yulie. All the articles in this volume were originally published in Chinese during the last two decades and thus represent trends of recent scholarship on Buddhist studies in China. Although these articles represent a small portion of the scholarly output, we will notice some common interests shared by the Chinese scholars of Buddhist studies and their counterparts in the west. Buddhist scholars on both sides of the Pacific are paying attention to the relationship between Buddhism and Daoism, the question of indigenous scriptures, the social and ritualistic dimension of Buddhism revealed in artistic creations and the interaction and mutual influences between Chinese and the larger Buddhist world.

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Lou Yulie 楼宇烈 is Professor at the Department of Philosophy and the Department of Religious Studies, Peking University.

Pei-Ying Lin PhD (2012) SOAS, London University, is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at UC Berkeley. She has published articles and co-translated Professor Chün-fang Yü's Kuan-yin (Columbia University Press, 2001).
International Advisor: Chun-fang Yu (Columbia University)
Introduction (Yü Chun-fang)
Translator’s Note
List of Illustrations

Buddhist Schools in China
1. Tathāgata Chan and Patriarchal Chan (Fang Litian)
2. The Fourth Patriarch Daoxin’s Chan Thought (Song Lidao)
3. Patriarch Lineage of Chinese Chan School and the Indian Transmission of Dharma-treasure (Wang Bangwei)
4. On Hu Shih’s Study of Chan History (Lo Yülie)
5. A Study of Early Transmissions of the Tiantai School (Xu Wenming)
6. A Preliminary Study on the Buddhist Thought of Huisi, the Tiantai School Pioneer: Questions regarding Early Taintai Thought (Zhang Fenglei)

Buddhist Classics
7. Questions about the Śūraṅgama Sūtra (Li Fuhua)

Buddhist Images
8. A General Introduction to the Cliff statues of Mount Kongwang (Wen Yücheng)
9. The Drawing of Yama and Scripture-Carving of the Early Tang Dynasty: Case Study of the Rubbings of “Qi Shiyuan’s Inscriptions for the Xian Mausoleum” (Zhang Zong)
Buddhist Exchanges Between China and Other Countries
10. Buddhist Interaction between China and Korean Peninsula during the Sui and Tang Dynasties: A Survey of Korean Monk Visitors in China (Huang Xinchuan)
11. The Influence of Buddhist Cosmology on the Idea of the Geographical Center in Pre-Modern China (Lü Jianfu)
12. Cultural Confluence during the Development of Buddhism: A Case Study of the Liushi liwen (Fang Guangchang)
13. The Buddhism-Daoism dispute during the Xianqing and Longshuo Eras of the Tang Dynasty (Pan Guiming)

14. Buddhist Studies in Mainland China after the Year 1978 (Huang Xianian)
All interested in Buddhist studies and religion in China.