European Pentecostalism


Editors: William Kay and Anne Dyer
Starting from small numbers before 1914, the Pentecostal and charismatic movement now comprises nearly one third of the whole of the global Christian population. Scholarly accounts of Pentecostal and charismatic congregations in various countries have been written but this book does something new. It provides an interconnected account of Pentecostalism in Europe, something never before been attempted because of the diversity of languages spoken across the continent. This book shows how Pentecostalism spread from the north of Europe and how it fared during two horrific wars and under communist dictatorships. In doing so it provides new theological, historical and sociological information about Pentecostal churches in eastern and southern Europe, about the Catholic Charismatic Movement and about the state of western groupings.
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Biographical Note

William K Kay, Ph.D. (1981) Education, Reading University, and PhD (1989) in Theology, Nottingham University, is Professor of Theology at Glyndŵr University, Wrexham, Wales. He has published extensively on educational and Pentecostal topics including Pentecostalism: a very short introduction (Oxford University Press, 2011).

Anne E Dyer Ph.D. (2008) in Theology, Bangor University, N Wales, is the senior Librarian and a tutor at Mattersey Hall, a ministry training centre (BA-PhD) for the Assemblies of God in the UK. Her specialities are history of Pentecostalism and Christian Mission. She has been assistant to Professor W. K. Kay since 2003 in research and editing books and the Journal of European Pentecostal Association, for which she is secretary.

Review Quotes

"It is thorough, including virtually every European nation, extending even to such smaller states as Iceland and Macedonia. Several entries (Russia and Ukraine, Central European countries, the Iberian peninsula) provide more information on Pentecostal history than has been readily available in English." – Peter Hocken
"An essential book for Pentecostal studies, highly recommended." – Roger Hedlund
"The first sustained overview of Pentecostalism in Europe that examins its origins and historical development with a statistical description of its incidence across a range of European countries.... a highly valauble book" – Michael Wilkinson, Trinity Western University, USA, in: Sociology of Religion
"Those looking for an introduction to this topic will do well to begin here." – Amos Yong, in: Religious Studies Review

Table of contents

List of Contributors ... vii

Introduction ... 1
Anne E Dyer


Chapter 1. Scandinavian Pentecostalism ... 19
Jan-Åke Alvarsson

Chapter 2. The Development of British Pentecostalism ... 41
Neil Hudson

Chapter 3. The Development of Pentecostal and Charismatic Movements in the German speaking areas of Europe .. 61
Carl Simpson

Chapter 4. The Development of Pentecostalism in the Dutch Speaking Areas ... 85
Cornelis van der Laan

Chapter 5. The Development of Pentecostalism in Francophone Europe ... 113
Raymond Pfister

Chapter 6. The Development of Pentecostalism in the Iberian Peninsula ... 165
Manuel Martin Arroyo

Chapter 7. The Development of Pentecostalism in Italy ... 189
Carmine Napolitano

Chapter 8. The Development of Pentecostalism in South East Europe; Balkans and Greece ... 205
Driton Krasniqi

Chapter 9. The Development of Pentecostalism in Central Europe; Poland ... 225
Tim Case & Mark Kaminski Romania : Cipiran Balaban, Bulgaria: Daniela Augustine, Hungary: Czaba Tenkely, Czech Republic & Slovakia: ThrDr Jozef Brenkus

Chapter 10. The Development of The Pentecostal Movement in Russia and Ukraine ... 261
Pavel Mozer, Oleg Bornovolokov


Chapter 11. Pentecostal Theology & Protestant Europe ... 293
Jean-Daniel Plüss

Chapter 12. Pentecostal Theology & Catholic Europe ... 313
W. K. Kay with C. Slijkerman, R Pfister and C. van der Laan

Chapter 13. Pentecostal Theology & Communist Europe ... 333
Peter Kuzmic


Chapter 14. The Future(s) of Pentecostalism in Europe ... 357
Raymond Pfister

Chapter 15: A Sociological Perspective on Pentecostalism in Europe ... 383
William K. Kay

Appendix: Statistical charts of Pentecostalism in Europe ... 403

Index ... 405


All interested in Pentecostalism and the church in Europe for the 20th Century, personnel of academic and ministerial colleges and churches associated with the Pentecostal and charismatic streams.


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