Kabbalah and Modernity

Interpretations, Transformations, Adaptations


Editor: Boaz Huss
The persistence of kabbalistic groups in the twentieth century has largely been ignored or underestimated by scholars of religion. Only recently have scholars began to turn their attention to the many-facetted roles that kabbalistic doctrines and schools have played in nineteenth- and twentieth-century culture. Often, and necessarily, this new interest and openness went along with a contextualization and re-valuation of earlier scholarly approaches to kabbalah. This volume brings together leading representatives of this ongoing debate in order to break new ground for a better understanding and conceptualization of the role of kabbalah in modern religious, intellectual, and political discourse.

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Biographical Note

Boaz Huss is professor of Jewish Thought at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. He has published widely on the Zohar and its reception, the genealogies of Jewish mysticism and kabbalah studies, and on modern and postmodern kabbalah formations.

Marco Pasi is assistant professor of history of Hermetic philosophy at the University of Amsterdam. His research interests include the history of magic, the history of occultism, and the relationship between art and esotericism.

Kocku von Stuckrad is professor of religious studies at the University of Groningen. In his work he focuses particularly on esoteric discourses in Western culture, astrology, shamanism, and on topics related to religion, nature, and science.

Review Quotes

[...] this is an important volume for Kabbalah studies in particular, and religious studies in general. It has high standards of research and ample bibliographies, and unlocks the gate for a better understanding of Jewish religion and mysticism. - Dorin David, 'Transilvania’ University of Brasov in: Studies in Religion Vol 42, Issue 3 (2013).

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Contributors include: Andreas B. Kilcher, Giulio Busi, Eric Jacobson, Konstantin Burmistrov, Wouter J. Hanegraaff, Jean-Pierre Brach, Jonatan Meir, Elliot R. Wolfson, Jody Myers, Sara Møldrup Thejls, Steven M. Wasserstrom, Shaul Magid, and Gideon Aran.


Scholars and students of religion, Judaism, mysticism, Western esotericism.

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