United Nations Naval Peace Operations in the Territorial Sea


This book examines UN naval peace operations, addressing the construction and assessment of authority with respect to a range of acts essential to the conduct of such operations. The focus is particularly upon operations as they relate to and impact upon the Territorial Sea. Within a conceptual approach emphasising the interaction of power and legitimation in the construction of authority, naval peace operations issues such as Innocent Passage, interdiction operations, and transitional administration are considered. The book concludes by proposing a conceptually and operationally sensitive approach to constructing authority for the conduct of UN naval peace operations in the Territorial Sea.
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Biographical Note

Rob McLaughlin, PhD (2005), University of Cambridge, is a Legal Officer in the Royal Australian Navy.

Review Quotes

"... the element which gives the greatest value to this book is the outstanding analysis of the existing weaknesses of the combined UN - Law of the Sea system with respect to the peace support action within the territorial sea of a state. McLaughlin attempts to create a much needed model to overcome the many difficulties associated with establishing legal order in the territorial sea - a courageous task indeed. With his work, McLaughlin has certainly established himself as an authoritative voice on the subject and is ushering in further essential discussion on the topic."
Gianmatteo Breda (Commander, Italian Navy), Revue de droit militaire et de droit de la guerre/Military Law and the Law of War Review 49/3-4 (2010).

"This book is an intelligent, well written discussion of the intersection between the UN Charter and the LOSC in the context of UN naval peace operations in the territorial sea. (...)The extent of McLaughlin’s research and theoretical exploration as well as his careful elaboration of alternative perspectives make this a useful addition to any institutional or personal library in the area of UN operations and the LOSC."
Joanna Mossop, Senior Lecturer, Law Faculty, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand and Australian Armed Forces Law Review, Vol 10 & 11, 2010-11.

Table of contents

Foreword; Preface;
Chapter 1 Law, Power, and the Sea;
Chapter 2 Power: Naval Force and the Conduct of UN Peace Operations;
Chapter 3 Legitimacy: UN Peace Operations, Force, and the Law of the
Sea Convention;
Chapter 4 UN Naval Peace Operations, Innocent Passage, and the Use of
Chapter 5 UN Naval Interdiction Operations in the Territorial Sea;
Chapter 6 UN Transitional Administration and the Status of the
Territorial Sea;
Chapter 7 Regulating Authority for UN Naval Peace Operations in
Third Party Territorial Seas;
Conclusion; Glossary;Bibliography;Index.


Those interested in the naval aspects of United Nations peace operations, and the law of military operations generally.

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