Ein Bild des Judentums für Nichtjuden von Flavius Josephus

Untersuchungen zu seiner Schrift, Contra Apionem


Contra Apionem, the last known work by the Jewish author Flavius Josephus (38 - ca. 100 CE), is the only direct Jewish apology, that remains from antiquity. It is of special interest to us, because in its third part Josephus undertakes to explain the main ideas and laws of Judaism and its "theocratic" constitution to non-Jewish readers.
This volume gives an introduction to Contra Apionem as a whole, a German translation, and a precise analysis and interpretation of the work's third part on Judaism, especially its meaning for non-Jewish readers.
This study gives the reader access to an aspect of Josephus and to a part of his important work Contra Apionem, which, to date, have not attracted sufficient scholarly attention.
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Christine Gerber, Dr. theol. (1996) in Theology, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, is assistant at the Institut für Urchristentum und Antike at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.

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' Ihre Müncher theologische Dissertation ist außerordentlich gelehrt, grundsolide und bestens ausgestattet.'
Helga Botermann, Historische Zeitschrift Band, 2000.


All those interested in Classical History, History of Judaism and Antisemitism, as well as New Testament scholars.


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