New Frontiers in Crustacean Biology

Proceedings of the TCS Summer Meeting, Tokyo, 20-24 September 2009


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This volume contains the Proceedings of The Crustacean Society Summer Meeting held between 20 and 24 September 2009 in Tokyo, Japan. It is the world's premier event on crustacean biology and organized under the auspices of the Carcinological Society of Japan and The Crustacean Society. It reports presentations of plenary keynote addresses, special symposia, and contributed papers given at the meeting, all of which have been peer reviewed and edited. The book represents some of the best research from leading international researchers from all over the world and presents major reviews of all areas of crustacean research, including systematics, evolution, ecology, behaviour, development, physiology, symbiosis, genetics, biogeography, palaeobiology, fisheries, and aquaculture.     

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Akira Asakura, Dr. Sci., is the President of The Crustacean Society (2010-2011) and Secretary General of the TCS Summer Meeting in Tokyo, Japan, in 2009. He is a Senior Researcher at the Natural History Museum & Institute in Chiba, Japan.
Editorial Board
R.T. Bauer U.S.A
A.H. Hines U.S.A
M. Thiel Chile
Keiji Wada Japan
Toshiyuki Yamaguchi Japan
Christoph Held Germany
Christoph Schubart Germany
James M. Furse Australia
Jason Coughran Australia
Tadashi Kawai Japan
Susumu Ohtsuka Japan
Miguel V. Archdale Japan
Antonio Baeza USA
Mikio Moriyasu Canada
-OHTSUKA, SUSUMU, TAKAO HORIGUCHI, YUKOI HANAMURA, ATSUSHI YAMAGUCHI, MICHITAKA SHIMOMURA, TOSHINOBU SUZAKI, KIMIAKI ISHIGURO, HIDEO HANAOKA, KAYOKO YAMADA & SHUJI OHTANI, Symbyosis of planktonic copepods and mysids with epibionts and parasites in the North Pacific: diversity and interactions
-NAGASAWA, KAZUYA, The biology of Argulus spp. (Branchiura, Argulidae) in Japan: a review
-SHIMOMURA MICHITAKA & SUSUMO OHTSUKA, Two new species of ectoparasitic isopods (Isopoda, Dajidae) from mysids in Japan
-VENMATHI MARAN, B.A., SUSUMO OHTSUKA, IKUO TAKAMI, SHINYA OKABE & GEOFFREY A. BOXSHALL, Recent advances in the biology of the parasitic copepod Pseudocaligus fugu (Siphonostomatoida, Caligidae), host specific to pufferfishes of the genus Takifugu (Actinopterygii, Tetradontidae)
-ARCHDALE, MIGUEL VAZQUEZ, GUNZO KAWAMURA & KAZUHIKO ANRAKU, Bait improvement for swimming crab trap fisheries
-LELAND, J. C., J. COUGHRAN & D. J. BUCHER, A preliminary investigation into the potential value of gastric mills for ageing crustaceans
-BUTLER IV, MARK J., JAMIE S. HEISIG-MICHELL, ALISON B. MACDIARMID & R. JAMES SWANSON, The effect of male size and spermatophore characterization on reproduction in the Caribbean spiny lobster, Panulirus argus
-YAMASAKI, ATSUSHI, Fisheries management of the snow crab, Chionoecetes opilio, off Kyoto Prefecture in the western Sea of Japan, with emphasis on its resource recovery
-MORIYASU, MIKIO, Review of the current status of the snow crab Chionoecetes opilio (O. Fabricius, 1788) fisheries and biological knowledge in eastern Canada
-BISHOP, G., J. ZHENG, L. M. SLATER, K. SPALINGER & R. GUSTAFSON, The current status of the fisheries for Chionoecetes spp. (Decapoda, Oregoniidae) in Alaskan waters
-ZHENG, J., L.M. SLATER, J. WEBB & G. BISHOP, The current status of biological knowledge relating to the management of fisheries for tanner (Chionoecetes bairdi (Rathbun, 1924)) and snow crab (Chionoecetes opilio (Fabricius, 1788)) in Alaskan waters
-MATSUBARA, HAJIME, Record of a male snow crab, Chionoecetes opilio with two extra fingers on the left chela
-BAUER, RAYMOND T., Amphidromy and migrations of freshwater shrimps. I. Costs, benefits, evolutionary origins, and an unusual case of amphidromy
-BAUER, RAYMOND T., Amphidromy and migrations of freshwater shrimps. II. Delivery of hatching larvae to the sea, return juvenile upstream migration, and human impacts
-SNYDER, MARCIA N., ELIZABETH P. ANDERSON & CATHERINE M. PRINGLE, A migratory shrimp’s perspective on habitat fragmentation in the neotropics: extending our knowledge from Puerto Rico
-FUJITA, JUNTA, KOUJI NAKAYAMA, YOSHIAKI KAI, MASAHIRO UENO & YOH YAMASHITA, Comparison of genetic population structures between the landlocked shrimp, Neocaridina denticulata denticulata, and the amphidromous shrimp, Caridina leucosticta (Decapoda, Atyidae) as inferred from mitochondrial DNA sequences
-LARA, LUIS R. & INGO S. WEHRTMANN, Diversity, abundance and distribution of river shrimps (Decapoda, Caridea) in the largest river basis of Costa Rica, Central America
-GHERARDI, FRANCESCA & LAURA AQUILONI, Sexual selection in crayfish: a review
-MONTECLARO, HAROLD, KAZUHIKO ANRAKU & TATSURO MATSUOKA, Morphology and electrophysiology of crayfish antennules
-MATSUBARA, HAJIME, AYAKI CHIBA, YOSHIFUMI HORIE, DAISUKE IWATA, MASAHARU SHIMAZU, TAKAHIRO KINOSHITA & KAZUYOSHI NAKATA, Effect of PH and water temperature on the development of the Japanese Crayfish, Cambaroides japonicus eggs in vitro
-FURSE, JAMES M. & JASON COUGHRAN, An assessment of the distribution, biology, threatening processes and conservation status of the freshwater crayfish, genus Euastacus (Decapoda: Parastacidae), in continental Australia. I. Biological background and current status.
-FURSE, JAMES M. & JASON COUGHRAN, An assessment of the distribution, biology, threatening processes and conservation status of the freshwater crayfish, genus Euastacus (Decapoda: Parastacidae), in continental Australia. II. Threats, conservation assessments and key findings
-FURSE, JAMES M. & JASON COUGHRAN, An assessment of the distribution, biology, threatening processes and conservation status of the freshwater crayfish, genus Euastacus (Decapoda: Parastacidae), in continental Australia. III. Case studies and recommendations
-KAWAI, TADASHI & VJACHESLAV S. LABAY, Supplemental information on the taxonomy, synonymy, and distribution of Cambaroides japonicus (Decapoda: Cambaridae)
-THIEL, MARTIN, The evolution of sociality: peracarid crustaceans as model organisms
-HOSONO, TAKASHI & HIROSHI MINAMI, Stable isotope analysis of epibiotic caprellids (Amphipoda) on loggerhead turtles provides evidence of turtle’s feeding history
-TORRES, GUADALUPE & JIM LOWRY, Peracarids from three low-energy fine-sand beaches of Mexico: western coast of Gulf of California
-YAMADA, KATSUMASA, MASAKAZU HORI, MASAHIRO NAKAOKA & MASAMI HAMAGUCHI, Temporal and spatial variations in functional-trait composition (functional diversity) of macrocrustacean communities in seagrass meadows
-KURATA, KENGO, MASAHIRO HORINOUCHI & DAVID L. DETTMAN, Spatial differences in stable isotope signatures of crustaceans in brackish lake systems, western Japan
All those interested in crustacean biology.
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