Genesis, Isaiah and Psalms

A Festschrift to honour Professor John Emerton for his eightieth birthday


Genesis, Isaiah and Psalms are three key texts in the Hebrew Bible and represent the lifelong interests of Professor John Emerton, Emeritus Regius Professor of Hebrew in the University of Cambridge, for whom this volume is written on the occasion of his eightieth birthday. The contributors have all enjoyed academic relationships with John over the years and represent a truly international group. The contributions include comparison of biblical texts with ancient Near Eastern counterparts and evaluation of them in the light of archaeology. They include intertextual work on a literary level, and traditional literary-historical approaches to texts. Many move beyond the Hebrew Bible itself to consider other texts and versions or to draw out interpretations of texts by scholars ancient and modern - and even by novelists. The result is a refreshing group of articles that indicate the broad range of approaches that characterize the discipline of Old Testament study in the present day.
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Biographical Note

Katharine Dell, D. Phil (1988) in Old Testament, University of Oxford, is University Senior Lecturer at Cambridge University and Fellow of St Catharine's College. She has published extensively in the area of the wisdom literature of the Old Testament, including recently The Book of Proverbs in Social and Theological Context (CUP, 2006).

Graham Davies, Ph.D. (1975) University of Cambridge, D.D. (Oxford), F.B.A., is Professor of Old Testament Studies at Cambridge University and Fellow of Fitzwilliam College. He has published books on the Pentateuch, Hosea, archaeology and Hebrew inscriptions, and articles on a wide variety of Old Testament topics.

Yee Von Koh, Ph.D. (2005) in Old Testament, University of Cambridge, is an independent biblical scholar residing in Malaysia. She has recently published a book on Ecclesiastes in De Gruyter's BZAW series (no. 369).

Review Quotes

"It is an excellent collection of original research and can be highly recommended."
Lena-Sofia Tiemeyer (School of Divinity, King's College, Aberdeen)

Table of contents

PART A Genesis:
Arie van der Kooij
The Story of Paradise in the Light of Mesopotamian Culture and Literature
Terry Fenton
Nimrod’s cities: an item from the rolling corpus
Ina Willi-Plein
Power or Inheritance: A constructive comparison of Genesis 16 and Genesis 21
John F. Healey
The Nabatean “God of the Fathers”
Graham Davies
The Transition from Genesis to Exodus
Bertil Albrektson
Novelists as Interpreters of Genesis

PART B Isaiah:
Menahem Haran
Isaiah as a Prophet to Samaria and his Memoirs
Alan Millard
“Take a large writing tablet and write on it”: Isaiah – a writing prophet?
Katharine J. Dell
The Suffering Servant of Deutero-Isaiah: Jeremiah revisited
Joachim Schaper
God and the gods: Pagan Deities and religious concepts in the Old Greek of Isaiah
Knud Jeppesen
Frants Buhl as an Old Testament Scholar: The Isaiah Commentary in Danish

PART C Psalms:
Anthony Gelston
Editorial Arrangement in Book IV of the Psalter
Yee Von Koh
An Appraisal of G.H. Wilson’s Theories on the organization of the Masoretic Psalter
Stefan C. Reif
Psalm 93: A Historical and Comparative Survey of its Jewish Interpretation
Patrick D. Miller
Gregory of Nyssa: The Superscriptions of the Psalms
Rudolf Smend
Wellhausen on the Psalms

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Academic libraries, specialists in Old Testament/Hebrew Bible, clergymen, educated laymen, graduate students. Any interested in biblical material, notably Genesis, Isaiah and Psalms including linguists, theologians and scholars of the ancient Near East and archaeology.


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