Eingeordnete Freiheit

Freiheit und Vorsehung bei Origenes


Eingeordnete Freiheit compares Origen's notion of freedom of choice with the concepts of contemporary philosophers. The first chapter deals with the philosophical problem of freedom of choice throughout the history of Greek philosophy. In the second chapter Origen's writing on this topic is assembled, translated, analyzed and commented upon. The comparison between Origen and his contemporaries leads in chapter three to the conclusion that Origen's concept of freedom differs especially from the philosophical perspective, since human freedom does not stand in opposition to the inevitable pattern of the pronoia or heimarmene but to Gods care for every individual. Chapter four shows that the notion of oikonomia in Christian theology is based on the concept of providence in Origen.
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Biographical Note

Hendrik Simon Benjamins studied Theology in Groningen and Marburg.

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' Nous ne pouvons que nous réjouir de cette excellente étude qui met fortement en valeur les sources chrétiennes de la doctrine d'Origène sans refuser cependant que des influences grecques aient agi sur lui.'
Bulletin de Littérature Ecclésiastique, 1995.


All those of graduate level and above interested in early Christian theology and its encounter with Greek philosophy, as well as those interested in the theological or philosophical problem of freedom, determinism and predestination.


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