Doing Families in Hong Kong


The annual is a venue of publication for sociological studies of Chinese societies and the Chinese all over the world. The main focus is on social transformations in Hong Kong, Taiwan, the mainland, Singapore and Chinese overseas.

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Chan Kwok-bun is Chair Professor of the Department of Sociology, Hong Kong Baptist University. His current research interests are in migration, transnationalism, cosmopolitanism, and diasporas; ethnic identities and ethnicities; business networks and ethnic capitalism; medical sociology; and family and marriage. (
Ku Shuk-mei Agnes is Associate Professor of Social Science at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Her research interests include cultural sociology, civil society, citizenship, Hong Kong studies, gender issues and urban issues. (
Chu Yin-Wah is Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology at Hong Kong Baptist University. She has published on various aspects of economic and political development in East Asia. Presently, she is researching on South Korea’s and Taiwan’s effort to take on the challenge of the information economy as well as on various aspects of land rights movements in Greater China. (
Chan Wai-wan is researcher in the Department of Sociology, Hong Kong Baptist University. She is currently working together with Prof. Chan Kwok-bun on several research projects about return migrants, mainland professional migrants, and mainland immigrant artists in Hong Kong. (

Introduction: Doing Families in Hong Kong: Values, Relations and Strategies - Ng Chun-hung, Thomas W.P. Wong and Anita Chan Kit-wa

Family in Flux: Benchmarking Family Changes in Hong Kong Society - Anita C. Koo and Thomas W. P. Wong

Doing Families in Hong Kong: Strategy, Morality and Emotion - Ng Chun-hung, Ng Bo-sze and Anita Chan Kit-wa

Who Should Care? Perceptions of Caregiving Responsibility within the Household -
Odalia M. H. Wong

Single Working Women in Hong Kong: A Case of ‘Normal Deviance’? - Evelyn G. H. Ng and Catherine W. Ng

Where Is My Brokeback Mountain? - Travis S.K. Kong

Familial Ideology and Family Policy in Hong Kong -
Shae Wan-chaw and Wong Pik-wan


Sketching the Discursive Outlines of Cosmopolitan Hybridity in Postwar Hong Kong:
City Magazine in the Emergence of 1980s Popular Culture and Culture Industry - Allen Chun

Indigenization and the Study of Chinese Religion and Society - Chan Shun-hing

‘Missing Girls’ in an Era of ‘High Quality’: Governmental Control over Population and Daughter Discrimination in Contemporary China -
Leslie K. Wang

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