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Essays in Honor of Joseph Yahalom on the Occasion of His Seventieth Birthday


This volume contains fifteen essays in honor of Professor Joseph Yahalom who served as a lecturer at the Hebrew University from 1974 until he became full professor in 1985. The completion of his Warburg price awarded thesis in 1973 marked the start of a long and successful academic career in both Hebrew and Jewish studies, with much emphasis on poetry and poetics. Yahalom’s continuing interest in and research on ancient Piyyut led to a number of editions of Hebrew and Aramaic texts as well as to studies on the early Palestinian vocalization system and the language of Piyyut based on the Genizah findings. In 1983, Yahalom was elected a member of the Academy of the Hebrew Language. In 2003, he received the Yizhak Ben-Zvi award for his lifetime study of Jewish history and Hebrew literature. Yahalom’s research on Hebrew medieval liturgical poetry focused on a period of roughly one thousand years, from the days of early Byzantium until the final days of Jewish presence on the Iberian Peninsula and the Sephardic diaspora. His bibliography testifies to his expertise of understanding Hebrew verse, laying much emphasis on the interaction between the Jewish and surrounding cultures, which concur with Yahalom’s overall convictions and views about Jewish literature in context.

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Wout van Bekkum is Professor of Semitic Studies at the Department of Languages and Cultures of the Middle East, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, The Netherlands.

Naoya Katsumata is Professor of Middle Eastern Studies at the Graduate School of Human and Environmental Studies, Kyoto University, Japan.
Reimund Leicht Planets in Ancient Hebrew Literature
Michael D. Swartz Translation and the Comprehensibility of Early Piyyut
Ophir Münz-Manor Figurative Language in Early Piyyut
Tzvi Novick The Poetics of Yannai’s Sixth: Between Scripture, God, and Congregation
Wout van Bekkum and Naoya Katsumata Piyyut as Poetics, The Example of Yannai’s Qedushta for Deut. 6:4
Michael Rand A Third Dew Shiv‘Ata by Eleazar be-rabbi Qillir
Avi Shmidman Congregational Participation within the Biblical Story in the Yotser Poems of Shlomo Suliman
Jonathan P. Decter Concerning the Terminology of Al-Ḥarizi’s Virtues Debate
Peter Sh. Lehnardt Shema Meni Refuot Ha-Gewiyya Ve-Nafshekha Bo Tehi Omda Ve-Ḥayya: A Didactical Poem of a Regimen Sanitatis according to Maimonides by Jehuda Al-Ḥarizi
Paul B. Fenton K. Ad-Durr Al-Manzûm : A Sufi Collection of Moral Aphorisms in Judaeo-Arabic
Adena Tanenbaum Polemics Real and Imagined in Zechariah Alḍāhirī’s Sefer Ha-Musar
Elisabeth Hollender Late Ashkenazic Qinot in the Nuremberg Maḥzor
Susan L. Einbinder Moses De Roquemaure: Poetry, Polemic and Conversion
Javier Castaño A Fifteenth Century Letter Addressed to the Dayyanim of Zaragoza
Geoffrey Khan A Poem in the Jewish Neo-Aramaic Dialect of Sanandaj
All those interested in medieval Jewish culture and literature, particularly Hebrew poetry and poetics, as well as Semitists, theologians and mediaevalists.