The Decade of the Great War

Japan and the Wider World in the 1910s

Consisting of twenty-three essays, The Decade of the Great War examines the 1910s as a pivotal period with deep connections both to the imperialist heyday of the 1880s‒1890s, and to the vibrant global politics, commercial expansion, and social movements of the 1920s. It critically reviews Japan’s diplomatic and military relations, offering both a reexamination of some of the issues addressed in the earlier scholarship on the war years and a needed sense of the breadth of Japan’s new international relations. It highlights the importance of transnational approaches to the study of Japan’s domestic, intra-imperial, and foreign affairs. Together, the essays in this volume provide a wide-range of perspectives on relations within Asia and between Asian, European, and North American states.
Contributors are: Isao Chiba, Yuehtsen Juliette Chung, Evan Dawley, Martin Dusinberre, Bert Edström, Selçuk Esenbel, Rustin B. Gates, Tze-ki Hon, Masato Kimura, Chaisung Lim, John D. Meehan, SJ, Tosh Minohara, Hiromi Mizuno, Tadashi Nakatani, Sochi Naraoka, Yoshiko Okamoto, Sumiko Otsubo, Ewa Pałasz-Rutkowska, Caroline Rose, J. Charles Schencking, Chika Shinohara, Shusuke Takahara, and Sue C. Townsend.

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Tosh Minohara, Ph.D. (1998), Graduate School of Law, Kobe University, is Professor of US-Japan Relations at that university. He has published many monographs, compiled volumes, journal articles, and reviews on prewar US-Japan relations and Japanese diplomacy, including [in Japanese] The Japanese Exclusion Act and US-Japan Relations (Iwanamishoten, 2002).
Tze-ki Hon, Ph.D. (1992), University of Chicago, is Professor of History at State University of History at Geneseo. He has published monographs, book chapters, and articles on traditional China and 20th century China, including The Yijing and Chinese Politics (SUNY, 2005) and Revolution as Restoration (Brill, 2013).
Evan Dawley, Ph.D. (2006), Harvard University, is Assistant Professor of History at Goucher College. He has published articles on Taiwan during the period of Japanese rule. His primary research is on the formation of Taiwanese identity during the 19th and 20th centuries.
Preface …ix
Acknowledgements …xi
List of Tables …xiv
List of Figures …xv
List of Volume Editors and Contributors …xviii

Japan and the Wider World in the Decade of the Great War: Introduction …1
Tosh Minohara, Tze-ki Hon and Evan Dawley

Section 1: Diplomacy and Foreign Relations
The Clash of Pride and Prejudice: The Immigration Issue and US-Japan Relations in the 1910s …21
Tosh Minohara
From Alliance to Conference: The British Empire, Japan and Pacific Multilateralism, 1911-1921 …45
John D. Meehan
Out with the New and in with the Old: Uchida Yasuya and the Great War as a Turning Point in Japanese Foreign Affairs …64
Rustin B. Gates
The Imperial Japanese Navy and the First World War: Unprecedented Opportunities and Harsh Realities …83
J. Charles Schencking
Securing the Maritime Trade: Triangular Frictions between the Merchant Marines of the US, UK and Japan …107
Masato Kimura
From Cooperation to Conflict: Japanese-Russian Relations from the Formation of the Russo-Japanese Entente to the Siberian Intervention …130
Isao Chiba
The Wilson Administration and the Mandate Question in the Pacific: Struggle among the Powers over the Disposition of Former German Colonies …149
Shusuke Takahara
What Peace Meant to Japan: The Changeover at Paris in 1919 …168
Tadashi Nakatani
A New Look at Japan’s Twenty-One Demands: Reconsidering Katō Takaaki’s Motives in 1915 …189
Sōchi Naraoka
Japan as a Distant Friend: Scandinavian Countries Adjusting to Japan’s Emergence as a Great Power …211
Bert Edström
The Making of a European Friend: Japan’s Recognition of Independent Poland …231
Ewa Pałasz-Rutkowska
Friends in Opposite Camps or Enemies from Afar: Japanese and Ottoman Turkish Relations in the Great War …257
Selçuk Esenbel

Section 2: National and Transnational Networks
Women on the Move: Shifting Patterns in Migration and the Colonization of Taiwan …281
Evan Dawley
The Great War and Urban Crisis: Conceptualizing the Industrial Metropolis in Japan and Britain in the 1910s …301
Susan C. Townsend
Gender and the Great War: Tsuda Umeko’s Role in Institutionalizing Women’s Education in Japan …323
Chika Shinohara
The Science Room as an Archive: Taishō Japan and WWI …349
Hiromi Mizuno
Of World History and Great Men: A Japanese Village and its Worlds …372
Martin Dusinberre
Buddhism and the Twenty-One Demands: The Politics Behind the International Movement of Japanese Buddhists …394
Yoshiko Okamoto
Railroad Workers and World War I: Labor Hygiene and the Policies of Japanese National Railways …415
Chaisung Lim
Sovereignty and Imperial Hygiene: Japan and the 1919 Cholera Epidemic in East Asia …439
Yuehtsen Juliette Chung
Fighting on Two Fronts: Japan’s Involvement in the Siberian Intervention and the Spanish Influenza Pandemic of 1918 …461
Sumiko Otsubo
Changing Mutual Perceptions of China-Japan Relations in the 1910s in Chinese and Japanese Textbooks …481
Caroline Rose
Global Competition for Power and Wealth: The Chinese Views of the World before and after the Great War …504
Tze-ki Hon

Compiled Bibliography …521
Index …532
All interested in the history of Modern Japan, modern East Asia, WWI, and anyone concerned with modern world history and international history.