Homeland and Exile

Biblical and Ancient Near Eastern Studies in Honour of Bustenay Oded


This volume is a scholarly tribute to Bustenay Oded's distinguished career from some of the many contemporaries, colleagues, and former students who not only admire, and keep being inspired by his achievements, but who also count him as a friend.
The title points to the remarkable span of Bustenay Oded 's research and research interests. Accordingly, the Festschrift's thirty original contributions deal with a wide range of topics, focusing on the Assyrian Empire, as well as on the Hebrew Bible and other cultural contents.
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Biographical Note

Gershon Galil, Ph. D. (1983), The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, is Professor of Ancient History and Biblical Studies at the University of Haifa. He has published extensively on Biblical and Ancient Near Eastern History including The Lower Stratum Families in the Neo-Assyrian Period (Brill, 2007).
Mark Geller, Ph. D. (1974), Brandeis University, is Jewish Chronicle Professor in the Department of Hebrew and Jewish Studies, UCL. He has published on Sumerian, Akkadian, and Aramaic magic and medicine, the latest of which is Evil Demons, Canonical Utukku Lemnutu Incantations (2007).
Alan Millard, M.A. (1959), University of Oxford, is Emeritus Rankin Professor of Hebrew and Ancient Semitic Languages at the University of Liverpool. He has published extensively on Biblical and Ancient Near Eastern Languages and History, including The Eponyms of the Assyrian Empire 910-612 BC (1994).

Review Quotes

" This Festschrift, dedicated to Bustenay Oded, Professor Emeritus at the University of Haifa, contains 30 relatively short articles written by established scholars from all around the world. It is an excellent, although somewhat eclectic, collection of new studies on the Hebrew Bible and the ancient Near East that has its given place in any research library."
Lena-Sofia Tiemeyer (School of Divinity, King's College, Aberdeen)

Table of contents

Contributors include: R. Albertz, Y. Amit, B. Becking, A. Berlin, M. Cogan, M. Dandamayev, J. Day,
D. Dimant, M. Dietrich, B. Faist, F. M. Fales, J. Fleishman, G. Galil, M. Garsiel, R. S. Hess,
V. A. Hurowitz, D. Kahan, Z. Kallai, A. Lemaire, P. Machinist, S. Melville, E. H. Merrill, A. R. Millard, J. Novotny, E. Otto, H. N. Rosel, J. Sasson, N. Shupak, G. Van Buylare, S. Vargon, D. Wiseberg


All those interested in Biblical Studies, the history of the Ancient Near East, the history of the Assyrian Empire, the History of Ancient Israel, a well as Egyptologists


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