Engaging Social Justice

Critical Studies of 21st Century Social Transformation


Volume Editor: David Fasenfest
The global economic collapse of 2008 has brought into sharp relief the penetration of global capitalism and its impact on working people both in the industrial core and in developing nations. In response, social movements challenging the World Trade Organization and annual gathering of progressive groups and NGOs at the World Social Forums have embarked on the goal of creating an alternative to the neo-liberal policies that have immiserated generations. The articles in this book address the need for a progressive pedagogy, highlight the organizational forms of resistance to capitalism, and explore new forms of struggles against capitalist practices by people throughout the world.

Contributors include: Emily Achtenberg, Melanie E L Bush, Deborah L. Little, Victoria Carty, Margaret Cerullo, Chris Chase-Dunn,Victor Figueroa, Matt Kaneshiro, Laura Collin, Ximena de la Barra, Richard Dello Buono, Heather Gautney, Arseniy Gutnik, Kristen Hopewell, Lauren Langman, Marie Kennedy, Chris Tilly, Fernando Leiva.

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David Fasenfest, Ph.D. (1984) in Sociology, University of Michigan, is Associate Professor of Sociology at Wayne State University. He publishes widely on community economic development and change, and is the Editor of Critical Sociology.
'Though varied in both style and content, the articles together shed light on the character of global protest and new techniques of mobilization made possible by new communication technologies. This contemporary emphasis, along with an analysis of recent globalized protests, is the volume's greatest strength. Of equal importance is the amount of empirical evidence and comparative examples authors make use of to identify the changing nature of protest. [...] Summing Up: Recommended.'
B.K. Friesen, Choice Reviews Online, May 2010
Towards a Progressive Future, David Fasenfest

Teaching toward Praxis and Political Engagement, Melanie E. L. Bush and Deborah L. Little
Another World is Possible: Mobilizing for Global Justice, Lauren Langman
SMOs, Cyberactivism, and Entertainment as Politics: How MoveOn is Expanding Public Discourse and Political Struggle, Victoria Carty
Extending Theories of NGOs: Committed HIV/AIDS Activists and Neoliberal Reforms in Ukraine, Arseniy Gutnik

Stability and Change in the Contours of Alliances Among Movements in the Social Forum Process, Christopher Chase-Dunn and Matheu Kaneshiro
The Globalization Movement and World Social Forum: From Protest to Politics, Heather Gautney
The Technocratization of Protest: Transnational Advocacy Organizations and the WTO, Kristen Hopewell

Emerging Emancipatory Processes in Latin America, Ximena de la Barra and R. A. Dello Buono
Migration and Asymmetrical Integration in Latin America, Víctor M. Figueroa Sepúlveda
What is the Potential of Latin America’s “third left ”?, Marie Kennedy, Fernando Leiva and Chris Tilly
Resurrected Enterprises and Social Mobilization in Argentina, Laura Collin Harguindeguy
Community Organizing, Rebellion, and the Progressive State: Neighborhood Councils in El Alto, Bolivia, Emily P. Achtenberg
The Zapatistas’ Other Politics: The Subjects of Autonomy, Margaret Cerullo

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Everyone interested in economic and social justice, progressive politics, anti-neoliberal strugglers, and global social movements.