Treatise on Zoology - Anatomy, Taxonomy, Biology. The Crustacea, Volume 9 Part B

Decapoda: Astacidea P.P. (Enoplometopoidea, Nephropoidea), Glypheidea, Axiidea, Gebiidea, and Anomura


This volume, 9B, covers the infraorders of the Astacidea that were not covered in volume 9A (Enoplometopoidea, Nephropoidea and Glypheidea) as well as the Axiidea, Gebiidea and Anomura. With the publication of this ninth volume in the Treatise on Zoology: The Crustacea, we depart from the sequence one would normally expect. Some crustacean groups never had a French version produced, namely, the orders Stomatopoda, Euphausiacea, Amphionidacea, and Decapoda; the largest contingent of these involved Decapoda – a group of tremendous diversity and for which we have great depth of knowledge. The organization and production of these “new” chapters began independently from the other chapters and volumes. Originally envisioned by the editorial team to encompass volume 9 of the series, it quickly became evident that the depth of material for such a volume must involve the printing of separate fascicles. These new chapters are now nearing completion, and the decision was made to begin publication of volume 9 immediately rather than wait until after volumes 3 through 8 would appear.
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Biographical Note

M. Charmantier-Daures is an associate professor at the University of Montpellier and well known for her work on crustacean ecophysiology and genetics. She also is an editor of Crustaceana - International Journal of Crustacean Research

J. Forest (†), editor of the original French volumes of the Traité de Zoologie, with his impressive published record of various groups of Crustacea, acted as a supervising editor of the series.

Frederick R. Schram, Ph. D. (1968), University of Chicago, is Professor Emeritus of Systematics and Zoogeography, University of Amsterdam. He has published extensive on fossil and recent crustaceans across almost all major groups., including the text-reference Crustacea (Oxford Univ. Press, 1986).

J. Carel von Vaupel Klein, Ph.D. (1984), Leiden University, and formerly employed there as an associate professor (now retired), works on systematics of calanoid copepods and is principal translator of the series Traité de Zoologie / Treatise on Zoology - Crustacea.


All those interested in crustacean biology and natural history, especially Decapoda.


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