European Yearbook of Minority Issues, Volume 7 (2007/2008)


The European Yearbook of Minority Issues provides a critical and timely review of contemporary developments in minority-majority relations in Europe. It combines analysis, commentary and documentation in relation to conflict management, international legal developments and domestic legislation affecting minorities in Europe.
Part I contains scholarly articles and, in 2007/8, features two special focus sections on Minority Rights and Conflict and Participation.
Part II contains reports on the implementation of international instruments for the protection of minorities as well as new developments in relation to the legal protection of minorities at the national level.

Apart from providing a unique annual overview of minority issues for both scholars and practitioners in this field, the Yearbook is an indispensable reference tool for libraries, research institutes as well as governments and international organisations.

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GENERAL EDITORS: Athanasia Spiliopoulou Åkermark; Arie Bloed; Rainer Hofmann; Joseph Marko; James Mayall; John Packer; Marc Weller. MANAGING EDITORS: Emma Lantschner; Katherine Nobbs. ASSISTANT EDITORS: Alice Engl; Roberta Medda-Windischer.
Foreword; PART I: ARTICLES 1 A. General Articles Section: Shifts in the Multiple Justifi cations of Minority Protection Sia Spiliopoulou Åkermark; Dismantling Segregating Education and the European Court of Human Rights. D.H. and Others vs. Czech Republic: Towards an Inclusive Education? Roberta Medda-Windischer; Minority Indicators: A New Era for the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities Tove H. Malloy; Lawmaking in Traditional Romani Communities and International Human Rights Law and Norms: Case Study of the Real and Potential Role of the Romani Kris Claude Cahn; Post-Confl ict Developments and Decentralization in Macedonia Ivana Tomovska; Electoral Rules and the Representation of Ethnic Minorities in Post- Communist Democracies Daniel Bochsler; The Conflicting Path of Ethnic Diversity: Protesting Minorities in Europe Victor Cebotari; B Special Focus: Minority Rights and Conflict Minority Rights and Conflict: From Managing Conflict to Managing Diversity Tove H. Malloy; The Cooperation of International Organizations in the Ethnic Conflicts in the Former Yugoslavia Ugo Caruso; EU Conditionality and the Protection of Minorities in the Post- Communist Region Claire Gordon; ENP: An Adequate Instrument for Democratization and Conflict Management in the Caucasus? Benedikt Harzl; Rethinking Ethnicity, Religion, and Politics: The Case of Bosnia and Herzegovina Dino Abazović; My Truth, Your Truth—Our Truth? The Role of History Teaching and Truth Commissions for Reconciliation in Former Yugoslavia Edith Marko-Stöckl; Human and Minority Rights, Reconstruction and Reconciliation in the Process of State- and Nation-Building in the Western Balkans at the End of the Twentieth Century and in the Beginning of the Twenty-First Century (Some findings of the MIRICO Project) Mitja Žagar; C Special Focus: Participation: The Dual Meaning of Participation: The Advisory Committee’s Commentary to Article 15 of the FCNM Francesco Palermo; Minority Consultative Mechanisms: Towards Best Practices Marc Weller; Representation and Identity: Th e Right of Persons Belonging to Minorities to Eff ective Participation in Public Affairs Annelies Verstichel; Accountability within Minority Political Participation Oleh Protsyk; PART II: REPORTS A International Developments:Review of the Monitoring Process of the Council of Europe Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities Françoise Kempf; Developments in the Field of the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages Vesna Crnić-Grotić; Recent Case Law of the European Court of Human Rights Concerning the Protection of Minorities Leto Cariolou; Minority Rights Questions Addressed by the Venice Commission in 2008 Pierre Garrone and Simona Granata Menghini; The Activities of the OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities: January 2008 to December 2008 Krzysztof Drzewicki and Vincent de Graaf; National Minorities in Interstate Relations: Turning Menace into Promise Natalie Sabanadze; Exploring the Fundament of a New Agent in the Field of Rights Protection: The F(undamental) R(ights) A(gency) in Vienna Gabriel N. Toggenburg; Promotion and Protection of Minority Rights by the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights and the Independent Expert on Minority Issues Ilona Klímová-Alexander; Minority and Indigenous Rights in UN Treaty Bodies Practice (2005–2009): Multicultural Challenges Alexandra Xanthaki; B National Developments Association with International Personality: Nagorno-Karabakh in Azerbaijan Tim Potier; Implementation of the Decentralization Process in Kosovo: Challenges and Perspectives Adrian Zeqiri, Virginia Stephens and Mi Zhou; Restrictive Legislation towards Numerically Small Religions in Slovakia: the Case of the Muslim Community Gabriel Pirický; Participation of National Minorities in Decision Making in Slovakia Kálmán Petőcz; The Reform of the Electoral System in Romania and the Representation of National Minorities in Parliament Monica Căluşer; C Book Reviews: John Wrench, Diversity Management and Discrimination. Immigrants and Ethnic Minorities in the EU (Ashgate Publishing, 2007), isbn 978-0754648901 (hardback) Tim Dertwinkel; Settling Self-Determination Disputes. Complex Power-Sharing in Theory and Practice, Edited by Marc Weller and Barbara Metzger Christine Janssens and Karen Van Laethem; Peter A. Kraus, A Union of Diversity: Language, Identity and Polity Building in Europe (Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2008), isbn 978-0-52185939-4 (hardback), isbn 978-0-521-67672-4 (paperback)Thomas Benedikter; Appendix: List of International Norms.